While traffic fatalities are notably lower than in many previous decades, thousands of Americans lose their lives in car accidents each year. The majority of those accidents would not have occurred if both drivers had been sober.

Non-fatal drunk driving accidents are also common. When these collisions occur, it could be possible to hold the drunk driver accountable in a civil lawsuit. A dedicated auto collision attorney, and his team at The Ye Law Firm can advise you of your rights following a drunk driving car accident in Bellevue.

How Do Drunk Driving Accidents Occur?

Several factors can increase the likelihood of an intoxicated driver being involved in a traffic accident. Often, these factors combine to cause a crash that would have otherwise been avoidable.

Poor Judgment

Alcohol impairs a person’s judgment. One bad decision could cause a devastating collision. The worst decision, of course, is driving while intoxicated in the first place. Once behind the wheel, drunk drivers often take risks that a sober driver would not, such as speeding or changing lanes too closely to other vehicles.

Reduced Reaction Time

Drinking alcohol slows a driver’s reaction time and dulls their reflexes. This lack of coordination can greatly increase the chances of a motor vehicle collision by preventing an inebriated driver from stopping in time to avoid a collision.

Blurred Vision

Accurate vision is an important part of driving. The fact that alcohol can blur and inhibit a motorist’s vision is one of the reasons drinking and driving is so dangerous. Blurry vision caused by intoxication can make it difficult to see the roadway and the other cars on it.

Typical Drunk Driving Injuries in Bellevue

The injuries sustained in accidents involving intoxicated drivers are often severe. Examples of injuries common with this type of crash include:

Significant financial challenges often come with recovering from these and other accident-related injuries. In fact, many severe injuries result in a lifetime of costly medical treatment. The team of skilled lawyers at The Ye Law Firm can pursue a civil lawsuit to get compensation for an injured party’s past and future medical treatment after a drunk driving auto accident.

Filing a Lawsuit against Intoxicated Drivers in Bellevue

In order to recover a monetary award following a drunk driving car crash, it may be necessary to file a civil lawsuit against the intoxicated motorist who caused the accident. For a lawsuit to be successful, a plaintiff must show that the at-fault driver was negligent. In cases involving inebriated drivers, negligence is relatively straightforward but could be attributed to multiple parties in certain circumstances.

For example, the establishment that served alcohol to the drunk driver may bear partial liability if the person was visibly intoxicated at any point before being served more alcohol. Bellevue attorney Chong Ye can help determine whether the drunk driver in an auto collision case bears sole liability or shares responsibility with one or more parties.

Contact a Bellevue Attorney about a Drunk Driving Car Accident Today

If you were involved in a drunk driving car accident in Bellevue, the other driver will likely face criminal charges for their actions. In addition to a criminal conviction, you could also hold them accountable for your losses with a civil action. Reach out to The Ye Law Firm today and check out our two e-books below to learn more.

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