When the front ends of two cars collide, the results could be devastating. These accidents often have fatal consequences, especially when they occur at high speeds. If you suffered injuries in a head-on collision, you could be facing a lifetime of financial, physical, and emotional challenges.

While no amount of money can make these challenges go away overnight, the compensation awarded in a successful civil lawsuit could ease the burden that follows a serious accident. Learn more about front-end car accidents in Bellevue by talking to Chong Y, an experienced motor vehicle crash attorney and the founder of The Ye Law Firm.

Understanding Head-On Collisions

A front-end crash, often referred to as a head-on collision, occurs when the front ends of two motor vehicles collide. These accidents often happen at high speeds on main roads or at low speeds in parking lots or on side streets. In many cases, the outcome of a head-on collision is devastating and life altering.

While any car crash has the potential to generate enormous force, a front-end crash is more likely to result in severe damages to a person and property due to the forward acceleration of both vehicles. When two vehicles traveling at high speeds in opposite directions hit one another, the resulting injuries can be especially traumatic, and sadly even fatal.

It can be difficult to identify who is at fault for a head-on collision in Bellevue. An accident reconstructionist can be hired to evaluate the scene of the crash and determine whether one or both drivers crossed over into oncoming traffic. A driver who violates the right-of-way is typically responsible for a front-end auto accident.

Compensation for Front-End Auto Accidents in Bellevue

Since the injuries inflicted by a front-end collision are often severe, the cost of dealing with a head-on collision can be astronomical. It is a good idea to work with an experienced attorney like Chong Ye who can help calculate the total amount of losses and prepare the necessary documents needed for a court action. These documents are called a “demand package” and include total compensable losses stemming from a head-on crash.

Medical Costs

Medical costs are often a priority for individuals involved in a front-end car crash. The more severe an injury is, the more likely a person is to face steep medical expenses. A dedicated lawyer with an experienced legal team such as The Ye Law Firm can help recover expenses related to hospitalization, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, prescription medication, and other treatments that a head-on collision may require. In the case of catastrophic injuries (the legal term for injuries that completely alter the way you live your life), attorney Chong Ye and his team can also advocate for future medical expenses to ensure ongoing care is covered.

Lost Wages

Front-end collisions also frequently leave injured parties unable to work as they recover. The wages someone misses during their recovery period are called “lost wages” and can be included in the demand package for a front-end car accident case.

Pain and Suffering

There could also be compensation available for the physical pain and emotional suffering experienced in a head-on car crash. Front-end collisions can produce a host of physical and emotional damages, and the team at The Ye Law Firm can assist an injured party in recovering these and other damages.

Contact a Skilled Bellevue Attorney after a Front-End Car Accident

One of the most important steps you can take after a front-end car accident in Bellevue is having a discussion with an attorney who is experienced in car accidents such as Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm. A successful claim could help you recoup your financial losses and compensate you for your injuries. Reach out to discuss your options during a free consultation with our dedicated legal team today.