While any kind of motor vehicle crash could cause serious damage, highway car wrecks are especially dangerous. They happen at very high speeds and next to heavy vehicles like other cars and semi-trucks. A simple mistake or momentary distraction can have disastrous and deadly consequences for everyone involved in the collision. The potential for high-cost medical bills, long rehabilitation, and major work interruptions are exceptionally high.

If the physical, financial, and emotion toll of highway car accidents in Bellevue have directly impacted your life, reach out to a dedicated motor vehicle collision attorney at The Ye Law Firm. A well-practiced lawyer like Chong Ye could assist with filing and proving your case.

Frequent Causes of Highway Car Crashes

Utilizing the highway is a necessity to get around Bellevue and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, its highly congested traffic coupled with high speeds can cause disaster because of the actions of a negligent driver. Potential and common causes of highway car wrecks in Bellevue include, but are not limited to:

These and many other forms of negligence may cause a collision on the highway. A seasoned attorney such as Chong Ye has what it takes to investigate the cause of a specific accident and prove an injured person’s claim.

Injuries in Bellevue Highway Car Wrecks

Injuries from highway accidents tend to be especially severe. The high rate of speed and vehicle weight together make for an extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal, combination. Even seemingly minor mistakes can lead to serious injuries that are long-lasting or even permanent. Common injuries from these kinds of wrecks include:

While this list does not include every highway injury possible, it shows just how hazardous these situations can be. An experienced lawyer is aware of these risks and how to help an injured driver recover from a negligent party. Working with a legal professional to file a claim for monetary damages could help a person recover from their losses and all that they have been through.

Filing Deadlines for Highway Motor Vehicle Collision Cases

The Revised Code of Washington 4.16.080 requires that most types of personal injury cases—including highway car crashes in Bellevue—be filed within three years of the date the accident happened. A failure to file on time could, and will likely, result in dismissal of the claim. This means that any available compensation could be lost simply because the case was filed too late.

Very limited exceptions apply, such as with the claims of minor children. The time limits in these cases may be extended, as in others. Other situations may shorten this time, so it is critical to approach a proactive attorney like Chong Ye right away to avoid any delays or issues with the statute of limitations.

Talk to an Attorney About Highway Car Crashes in Bellevue Today

Highway car accidents in Bellevue should be taken seriously. The injuries a person suffers are usually severe, and even catastrophic. If you or a family member were hurt in this kind of collision, you deserve quality and committed legal representation to make sure the driver responsible is held accountable for their actions.

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