Some of the most devastating accidents that can occur on Bellevue’s roads are those that result in rollovers. These can occur when two vehicles make contact or when a car needs to make a sudden maneuver to avoid a collision. Regardless of the exact circumstances that led to the incident, a driver who is to blame for a rollover must provide fair compensation to everyone affected.

An auto collision attorney can help people who have suffered injuries in rollovers to protect their legal rights. This includes investigating the cause of the incident, evaluating how the event has impacted a person’s life, and demanding fair payments from all liable parties. Let Chong Ye and his experienced team at The Ye Law Firm take the lead following your rollover car accident in Bellevue.

Why Other Drivers May be Responsible for a Rollover in Bellevue

The law in Bellevue says that all motorists have an obligation to protect other people that they may encounter. If a driver fails in this responsibility and causes a crash, they are liable for all resulting damage. It does not matter that the at-fault driver did not intend to cause a collision or that the event resulted in an unexpected rollover. The simple fact is that drivers who cause crashes are always liable.

Rollovers may result from direct contact with another vehicle. For example, a driver may fail to stop at a red light and T-bone another car. This could cause the victim’s car to flip. In these situations, it is immediately apparent that contact was the cause of the rollover.

It is also possible that a driver is to blame for a rollover when there was no direct contact involved. If a defendant driver acts in such a way that forces another motorist to make a quick evasive maneuver, this could result in a rollover. Here, Chong Ye, a motivated attorney at The Ye Law Firm, can help make the vital connection between another driver’s actions and the fact that a rollover occurred.

Pursuing Fair Compensation for a Person’s Losses

Rollovers are severe incidents that can result in a variety of catastrophic injuries, including:

Injured people can also demand compensation for other changes in their lives. The event may leave them unable to return to work or suffering from a permanent disability. They could also negatively impact a person’s quality of life or ability to enjoy time with family.

A knowledgeable lawyer at The Ye Law Firm can help pursue insurance claims and lawsuits within the statute of limitation after a rollover car accident in Bellevue.

Statute of Limitations

Under the Revised Code of Washington § 4.16.080, there may be as little as three years after a rollover to seek out these payments. Working with dedicated attorney Chong Ye helps to satisfy this crucial requirement.

Pursue Compensation for Rollover Car Accidents with the Help of a Bellevue Attorney

A driver who causes a car accident is always responsible for all resulting damage. This even applies to serious situations such as rollovers, whether any physical contact between vehicles occurred. However, it can be difficult to prove responsibility for any car crash and demonstrating the extent of your losses can be frustrating.

Let a skilled attorney at The Ye Law Firm help protect your legal rights following a rollover car accident in Bellevue. They are prepared to take every necessary step to prove fault for the incident, measure your losses, and demand appropriate payments from negligent drivers and their insurance companies. Call Chong Ye to get started today.

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