Side-impact collisions can be devastating for everyone involved. These accidents commonly occur at high speeds, often leading to life-altering or even fatal injuries.

If you suffered injuries in a side-impact car accident in Bellevue, you might be entitled to receive monetary compensation from the responsible parties. Meeting with a motor vehicle crash attorney such as Chong Ye and his experienced staff at The Ye Law Firm is the first step to understanding the nature of these collisions. While you are working with your doctors to make a full physical recovery, Chong and his team will be working to secure the compensation to help you make a financial recovery.

Types of Side-Impact Crashes

Side-impact car crashes can happen for a variety of reasons. These accidents frequently occur at intersections, but they can also happen in any place where multiple vehicles are present. There are two forms of side-impact crashes: sideswipe and T-bone accidents.

Sideswipe Accidents

Also commonly known as broadside collisions, a sideswipe accident involves two vehicles striking each other’s sides. These accidents often occur when a driver attempts to merge into a lane that is already occupied or when a two-lane road merges into a single lane.

While the direct impact of a sideswipe crash is usually less catastrophic than a T-bone collision, these accidents can still have devastating consequences. For instance, when a broadside wreck happens, one or both cars could spin out of control, rollover, and collide with a fixed object or another driver across multiple lanes.

T-Bone Collisions

T-bone accidents happen when the front-end of one vehicle strikes the side panel of another. These collisions, which earned their name from the “T” shape that the vehicles make upon impact, are common at intersections and often occur when one driver fails to yield to a traffic light or stop sign and strikes a vehicle with the right of way. Chong Ye, a skilled Bellevue personal injury and car accident attorney, has many years of experience litigating side-impact car wrecks and can help injured individuals determine who may be liable for their losses.

Possible Defendants in a Bellevue Side-impact Collision Lawsuit

While the driver who strikes a car with the right of way is often responsible for the ensuing losses, other parties could also share liability for side-impact crash. Chong Ye and his skilled team at The Ye Law Firm have many years of experience pursuing successful settlements and lawsuits against multiple liable parties in side-impact car accident cases.

The Striking Driver

The majority of side-impact auto accidents happen due to driver error. Negligent motorists often ignore stop signs or travel at a speed that prevents them from stopping in time to avert a collision. When a driver’s carelessness causes a side-impact crash, they should bear the cost of the accident.

Vehicle Manufacturers

In certain instances, a side-impact collision might occur due to a malfunction in one of the vehicles, such as faulty braking systems or defective steering wheels. In those cases, it could be possible to hold the vehicle manufacturer responsible for a side-impact car crash.

Government Entities

State and local governments have a responsibility to maintain roads and highways. This includes ensuring that traffic control devices are present and working at intersections. When a traffic signal defect causes a side-impact crash, it could be possible to pursue a claim against the government.

Talk to a Bellevue Attorney About Filing a Side-Impact Car Accident Claim

You have the right to hold the negligent party accountable for your side-impact car accident in Bellevue. It is unreasonable for you to by impacted by and deal with the expenses related to an accident that was not your fault. Get in touch with Chong Ye and his experienced staff at The Ye Law Firm to discuss your claim during an initial free consultation.