Taxi collisions are a common occurrence in Bellevue. They can occur while you are a passenger of a taxi driver or while riding in another vehicle. You may have even been struck as pedestrian. No matter the situation, taxi accidents in Bellevue have the potential to cause you extreme harm.

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Taxi Driver Liability for an Accident

Taxi drivers are supposed to act with due care and operate their vehicles safely. However, the high number of taxis on the road make accidents inevitable. Further, just because a driver should know how to drive safely does not mean that they will. Their negligent and other careless behavior could lead to a very severe wreck.

Frequent causes of taxi accidents in Bellevue include, but are not limited to:

No matter how the incident was caused, if the taxi driver was responsible they may owe substantial compensation to the injured person.

Taxi Cab Company Liability in Bellevue

Taxi cab companies are usually liable in one of two ways. The company may be vicariously liable for the conduct of their employees and taxi drivers, or they may be directly liable for their actions that contributed to the accident. Sometimes both may apply. A knowledgeable attorney like Chong Ye knows how to identify which apply and file the claim correctly.

Vicarious Liability for Taxi Accidents

Vicarious liability is a legal theory that holds taxi cab companies responsible for the negligent actions of their employees. The driver’s negligent actions are imputed to the company and the company is obligated to pay as if they were directly at fault.

An attorney still must prove underlying negligence to win monetary damages in Bellevue taxi accident claims. Though, vicarious liability opens up the potential asset pool available to the injured person. Rather than seeking compensation from the assets of an individual taxi driver, a company is more likely to be able to pay a high settlement or jury award.

Direct Liability for Taxi Accidents

Direct liability occurs when the taxi cab company did something themselves that caused the accident. Their negligence may make them liable in situations like the following:

  • Poor driver supervision
  • Lack of proper driver training
  • Hiring unqualified or dangerous drivers
  • Hiring drivers with a poor driving record
  • Forcing drivers to work long hours causing exhaustion
  • Poor taxi cab maintenance
  • Use of defective or dangerous parts that cause the accident

These examples and many more may mean the taxi cab company owes an injured person compensation directly. However, large companies will try to fight a case even when they know they are liable. It often takes determined and well-practiced legal counsel to help hold them accountable for their actions.

Allow an Attorney to Help with Bellevue Taxi Accident Claims

Taxi accidents in Bellevue are more frequent than you would think. Countless individuals are harmed by the negligent actions of taxi drivers and companies. If you were hurt in a cab collision, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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