Young and inexperienced drivers cause a significant number of auto collisions. Drivers who recently got their driver’s licenses make judgment errors that experienced drivers would not make. They make mistakes such as over-steering, overreactions, speeding, and reckless driving. Unfortunately, many innocent people suffer every year because of young drivers. If you are one of them, Chong Ye, a motor vehicle collision attorney, can help you recover damages.

Teenagers, especially male teenagers, are statistically more likely to partake in dangerous behaviors, such as texting while driving, tailgating, aggressive driving, drinking and driving, and reckless driving. If you sustained injuries and losses in a crash with an inexperienced driver, contact the legal team at The Ye Law Firm regarding teen driving accidents in Bellevue.

Common Teen Driver Distractions

While most teen drivers start with good intentions and follow the rules to the best of their ability, they still lack the experience of older drivers. They also are more likely to text while they drive, which can be a recipe for disaster.

Other common distractions for teen drivers include:

  • Self-grooming
  • The radio
  • Eating
  • Distractions outside of the car
  • Passengers in the car
  • Eating and drinking

After a crash, dedicated attorney, Chong Ye, experienced with Bellevue teen driver crashes can identify the behavior likely responsible for the crash and use it to build a strong case.

Intermediate License Restrictions in Bellevue

In Washington state, teen drivers under 18 can only receive an intermediate license. Under the Revised Code of Washington 46.20.075, intermediate permits are not valid between 1am to 5am unless there is a parent or guardian in the vehicle with them. There are also steps the young driver must complete before the state grants the license without restrictions to them.

Once the teenager has met all hour and training requirements of their learner’s permit, they become eligible for the intermediate license. A well-versed lawyer at The Ye Law Firm can investigate if the driver who hit you followed all the rules while operating with this limited license.

No Passengers under 20 Years Old

After the teenager receives their intermediate license, they cannot have any passengers under 20 for the first six months. After six months, they can have three or less passengers.

No Crashes or Tickets

After the teenager has an intermediate license for one year, the state will grant them an unrestricted license if they have an excellent driving record. If the driver receives traffic citations or other offenses within the year, that young driver risks an additional six months of restrictions or a suspension of their driver license until they turn 18.

Statistics show teen drivers are at a much greater risk of severe crashes after receiving their licenses. For that reason, they must abide by state legislation to keep themselves and everyone on the road safe. When they do not follow the restrictions of an intermediate license and cause an accident, the other driver has every right to hold them accountable.

Statute of Limitations for Bellevue Car Crashes

The statute of limitations places an allowable time frame on a plaintiff’s filing a lawsuit after a car crash. Via the Revised Code of Washington section 4.16.080, the plaintiff has three years to file a claim after a car accident.

If the injured party does not immediately know of their injuries related to the crash, the statute grants an exception under the discovery rule. In that case, the ordinance would begin to run when the plaintiff reasonably discovers their injuries. Chong Ye, a skilled lawyer with experience in young and inexperienced car crashes in Bellevue could ensure their client files the claim within the legislation’s requirements.

Meet with an Experienced Attorney in Bellevue Experienced in Teen Driving Accidents

If you sustained injuries in a crash with a young driver, you have the right to hold them accountable. When teenagers are old enough to possess a driver’s license and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the law ensures they are old enough to take responsibility for their actions.

Even a minor mistake or over-correction can lead to severe accidents and injuries. A qualified lawyer proficient with teen driving accidents in Bellevue can investigate and advocate on your behalf to help ensure you get the fair and just settlement you deserve. Call The Ye Law Firm today to schedule an in-person or remote visit today.