Distracted driving is a one of the most dangerous activities that a motorist can engage in. In the age of cell phones, a common form of distraction involves texting or otherwise using a mobile device while driving.

Drivers who look away from the road at their phone – even for only a few seconds – face an increased likelihood of causing a collision. If you were injured in a crash because of a texting driver, you could be entitled to financial recovery for lost wages, damages to your vehicle, and medical expenses, to name a few. Talk to an experienced motor vehicle collision attorney such as Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm about texting while driving car accidents in Bellevue.

Texting and Driving Laws in Bellevue

When it comes to texting and driving, the laws in Bellevue are strict. It is illegal in most circumstances for a person to hold a mobile device while driving. A violation of this statute could result in a ticket.

The law does allow certain exceptions for drivers using mobile devices if they are:

  • Parked or otherwise out of the flow of traffic
  • Contacting emergency services
  • Touching or swiping a phone once to turn on the hands-free features

Furthermore, texting and driving could impact liability in a personal injury lawsuit even if a driver wasn’t ticketed at the scene of an accident. Filing a texting and driving injury claim can be made easier with the help of a knowledgeable attorney at The Ye Law Firm.

How an Attorney Can Help after a Texting while Driving Collision

Whether the other driver was using their mobile device at the time of an accident may not be immediately obvious. Contacting Chong Ye to discuss legal options after a texting while driving crash could be vital to the success of a civil claim.

Review the Police Report and Interview Witnesses

An attorney can review the police report and interview the injured party as well as any witnesses to determine whether the other driver may have been using their cellphone at the time of a collision.

Obtain Phone Records

The strongest evidence in these cases is often records from the phone company. These companies track every piece of data a phone sends or receives, which could be used to determine whether the phone was in use at the time of the collision. This is true not only of text messages but also streamed video, e-mail, calls, and other distractions.

Negotiate a Settlement or Take a Case to Trial

Finally, Chong Ye, founder of the The Ye Law Firm and lead attorney can help negotiate a personal injury settlement following a texting while driving auto accident. In addition to medical bills, an injured claimant could also pursue compensation for the injured person’s lost wages, pain and suffering, and vehicle damage. If a favorable settlement cannot be reached, Chong Ye would not hesitate to take the case to trial and fight for a positive resolution.

Ask a Bellevue Attorney about Texting while Driving Car Accidents

If you were involved in a texting while driving car accident in Bellevue, you have the right to take legal action against the negligent driver. Filing a lawsuit might seem overwhelming, especially if you are still recovering from your injuries. However, a skilled attorney such as Chong Ye, with his dedicated team at The Ye Law Firm, could help you recover the compensation you need. Reach out to learn more today or set up a free initial consultation.