When an accident leaves you seriously burned with life-long complications, you should consult legal counsel. Unfortunately, the burden such injuries impose upon you and your family right now may not be short-lived. The chances are that they may continue to interfere with your ability to enjoy life and place hefty financial obligations on your family. A veteran Bellevue burn injury lawyer has experience holding defendants responsible for their actions and helping families move forward after such life-changing events.

The Nature of Burn Injuries

Most people associate the source of burns with fire, but exposure to other materials may cause such severe injuries:

  • Chemicals (skin contact and inhalation)
  • Explosives
  • Extreme heat (steam, water, or hot metals)
  • Electricity

The medical community classifies burns on a scale of one to four, with fourth-degree being the most serious. First-degree burns wound the outer layer of skin (a typical sunburn). Second-degree burns damage both inner and outer layers of skin. When the destruction of all skin layers occurs, the patient has a third-degree burn. The worst situation happens when a burn impacts all skin layers, muscle, tissue, and even bone; this is a fourth-degree burn. Infections are frequently associated with fourth-degree burns.

How and Where Such Injuries May Happen

Many circumstances can lead to a such injuries. Anywhere a fire erupts – homes, cars, offices – and those involved may endure burn injuries. Industrial and manufacturing sites with flammable liquids and chemicals present pose similar risks. Similarly, people may be in danger of sustaining burns anywhere there are hot liquids or the possibility of exposure to steam and other heat sources.

Where the risk is known or foreseeable, those in control of the premises have a duty to take appropriate precautions. However, no matter the scenario, burn injury lawyers may help sufferers at all levels seek fair compensation for the harm they suffer.

Consequences May Extend Beyond Physical Harm

While burns undoubtedly cause dramatic physical injury, they may impact individuals profoundly on a psychological and social level as well. The changes in one’s appearance and the limitations imposed by physical impacts (e.g., loss of vision or hearing) may result in many patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Revised Code of Washington § 4.56.250 establishes a claim for these non-economic damages. When a plaintiff relies on the skill of a burn injury attorney, he may be more likely to recover for these subjective injuries and not just those that are easily quantified, such as medical bills and other measurable expenses.

Deadline For Filing a Lawsuit

Plaintiffs do not have unlimited time to bring lawsuits for burn injuries. Wash. Rev. Code § 4.16.080 requires injured parties to file their complaints within three years of the date of the injury. If you do not file a lawsuit within the time frame, will result in dismissal of the case, barring the injured party from seeking court-ordered compensation. Technically, settlement may remain an option, but defendants may not be motivated to agree to a payout when they know the injured party has no legal recourse.

Take Steps to Move Forward with Assistance from a Committed Burn Injury Attorney

The injuries sustained by burn patients and their suffering differ from most accident victims. To receive the appropriate compensation that you and your family need and deserve may require the skill of a dedicated Bellevue burn injury lawyer. We understand the rough road you are on and want to help with your journey; we are small enough to care and big enough to win. Schedule a consultation with Attorney Chong Ye of The Ye Law Firm today to discuss your case.