Recovering from an injury that left you with some level of paralysis is not only physically and emotionally exhausting but financially taxing as well. Paralysis treatment and living expenses can be exorbitant, well beyond any insurance coverage or savings available. A Bellevue paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help. With training, knowledge, and experience, the right catastrophic injury attorney may enable you to collect damages comparative with the suffering you have and will continue to endure.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis refers to the loss of strength and control over muscle groups or portions of the body or spine. The condition can be temporary, permanent, partial, or complete. Partial paralysis leaves an individual with some muscle control; with complete paralysis, all control is lost. If the paralysis is temporary, the person will regain muscle movement. In some cases, the patient completely recovers; in others, limitations may remain. Permanent paralysis is the most severe and devastating prognosis.

Paralysis also falls into categories based on the portion of the body affected. Immobility can involve localized areas, such as the face, hands, vocal cords, etc. It can also occur in generalized body regions. Two examples are paraplegia – both legs and possibly a portion of the trunk – and quadriplegia – both arms, legs, and segments of the trunk (sometimes from the neck down). Injuries involving the trunk often affect vital organ function, such as the heart and lungs, greatly complicating a patient’s quality of life.

Paralysis can turn a person’s life upside down, regardless of the extent of their immobility. By working with a compassionate attorney knowledgeable in this area, people may obtain fair compensation that helps with the adjustment to their new lives.

Justifying Compensation

The skill and experience of Bellevue litigators may be crucial to paralysis patients proving damages. The Revised Code of Washington § 4.56.250 identifies the two types of damages available to those injured – economic and noneconomic. There are apparent losses and expenses which fall into these categories – monetary outlays, such as medical bills, and intangible costs, such as emotional distress – but many other covered expenditures and future needs may not be as obvious.

The cost of living with a paralytic condition can be astounding. Almost half of the paralysis patients cannot work to support themselves, and many require in-home health aides to help with everyday tasks and overall hygiene. Medical complications are a constant concern and can lead to staggering, ongoing medical, rehabilitation, and therapy bills. Depending on a loved one’s situation, many families may need to retrofit their houses and vehicles to accommodate the injured party’s new lifestyle.

Experienced paralysis injury lawyers are well-versed in this area and may help patients and their families paint a complete picture for the court or insurance companies, so families receive appropriate compensation.

Mandatory Reductions in Damages Awards

In Washington, a plaintiff’s role in causing the harm is a significant factor in the dollar amount they collect. Wash. Rev. Code § 4.22.005 requires all parties to own their share of the blame for causing an injury. Under this application of pure comparative negligence theory, the extent to which a plaintiff contributed to the harm suffered directly impacts their recovery. Even if the injured person bears most of the responsibility, they may still collect damages, just reduced in proportion to their liability. In other words, a plaintiff who is 70 percent liable will have their award reduced by the same percentage, only collecting 30 percent of the amount ordered.

Those injured may guard against misapplied comparative negligence theories by working with an experienced paralysis litigator familiar with Washington law such as Chong Ye of The Ye Law Firm.

Retain a Paralysis Injury Attorney Who Understands Your Needs

Paralysis injuries completely change lives. Things will never be the same, and no amount of money can change that. However, receiving just compensation for your suffering may allow you to live the best life possible without worrying about your financial stability. Our Bellevue paralysis injury lawyer, Chong Ye, and our dedicated staff at The Ye Law Firm are ready to help you obtain that security. We are small enough to care yet big enough to win. Call us today.