Modern medical science allows doctors to treat just about every disease and condition known to man much more effectively and safely than they could in the past. However, these products are still inherently dangerous to some degree, so the companies that make them have an important duty to test them thoroughly before release and provide instruction for safe use to both physicians and consumers.

If you suffered an unforeseen complication requiring professional medical intervention after taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication, you may want to talk to a Bellevue dangerous drugs lawyer about your legal options. Once retained, your personal injury attorney could examine your unique circumstances and potentially help you build a strong case for civil compensation.

Common Injuries from Dangerous Medications

Every pharmaceutical product on the market today has at least some listed side effects and contraindications, most of which are fairly innocuous so long as consumers take medications as directed by their doctors or by instructions on a product’s packaging. However, it is unfortunately not unheard of for drugs to be released for sale with unlisted or unknown side effects that can have devastating effects on unsuspecting patients.

In the past, various dangerous drugs have been known to increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, organ failure, and severe mood changes, and some have even led to soft tissue damage, organ damage, and crippling addiction. A skilled Bellevue defective drugs attorney could explain the harmful effects of a consumer medication may serve as grounds for litigation if an impacted plaintiff can prove that a few additional criteria apply to their case.

Holding a Drug Manufacturer Responsible for Damages

Notably, because they are known to have side effects even when working effectively to treat serious conditions, pharmaceutical products are considered “unavoidably unsafe” under Washington state law. This means that individuals who suffer harm due to a dangerous drug cannot file a product liability claim against the drug’s manufacturer for a design defect, as state courts consider it unreasonable to expect that any pharmaceutical product could exist without being at least a little bit dangerous.

However, it is possible to hold a drug manufacturer civilly liable for damages caused by manufacturing defects. For example, a drug being made with the wrong ingredients or becoming contaminated during production. Likewise, an injured individual may be able to take legal action against a drug manufacturer for failing to properly market their drug, a form of negligence which could entail anything from failing to list certain side effects to encouraging inappropriate off-label uses.

Finally, there are certain situations in which negligence by a pharmacy or delivery company causes a drug to become defective after it leaves its manufacturer’s control but before it reaches a consumer. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Bellevue could help pursue comprehensive civil recovery from any of these parties, depending on an individual plaintiff’s circumstances.

Seek Help from a Bellevue Dangerous Drugs Attorney

As soon as you begin to suspect that a defective or unreasonably dangerous medication caused you to suffer serious injury or illness, you should get in touch with legal counsel to discuss whether litigation may be a good idea. The applicable filing deadlines for these types of claims can vary a lot depending on the circumstances, so sooner is always better when it comes to taking effective legal action.

If you have valid grounds for a case against a negligent drug manufacturer, seller, or learned intermediary, assistance from a Bellevue dangerous drugs lawyer could be crucial to boosting your case’s odds of success. Call today to get started on your case.