All motorcycle riders in Bellevue who value their health and safety should wear a helmet. This sheet of plastic and metal can often be the only protection that a biker has from contact with other vehicles or the road. In fact, lawmakers consider this to be such an important step that all bikers in the state of Washington must always wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Failing to do so is a traffic violation that can result in the payment of a fine.

The Bellevue motorcycle helmet laws exist to protect the well-being of riders. However, a rider’s failure to wear a helmet has little bearing on a resulting demand for personal injury compensation that can result from an accident. If you have suffered an injury because of the negligence of another driver, a skilled motorcycle crash attorney could help you seek fair payment for your losses, even if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

State Law Requires all Riders to Wear a Helmet

Bellevue is in a state that retains a universal helmet law. In short, this law requires all people riding on a motorcycle, regardless of age or riding ability, to wear a helmet when on a public road or street.

More specifically, the Revised Code of Washington § 46.37.530(c) says that all riders must wear a helmet when on a state highway, county road, or city street. In addition, the helmet must include a neck or chin strap, and the biker must secure this strap when riding. Furthermore, a rider must use a helmet that includes a face shield if their motorcycle does not have a windshield. Failing to wear a helmet and goggle combination is a violation that can bring a penalty of up to $250. A seasoned attorney like Chong Ye can provide more information about the statewide motorcycle helmet laws and what steps a rider must take to comply.

Bellevue Motorbike Helmet Laws and Personal Injury Claims

A person seeking financial recovery following a motorcycle crash must prove two core concepts. First, they must show that another driver’s negligence was the reason for the collision. Whether a biker was wearing a helmet has nothing to do with this evaluation.

Second, a biker must be able to connect their losses to the crash. It is here that a lack of a helmet may create complications. Insurance companies may try to argue that a victim’s failure to wear a helmet means that a rider accepted the risk involved in that choice.

Courts in Bellevue will use a concept called comparative negligence when evaluating personal injury cases. This means that information that a rider did not wear a helmet and suffered a head or neck injury related to a wreck may justify a defendant’s claim that a rider assumed the risk. As a result, people looking to protect their legal rights as well as their health should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

An Attorney Can Provide more Information on Bellevue Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The laws in Bellevue are clear: all riders on a motorcycle must wear an approved helmet regardless of their age or riding ability. In addition, you must also wear some form of eye protection if your motorcycle does not have a windshield. Failures to follow these laws can bring a $250 fine and complicate a demand for compensation following a crash.

A dedicated lawyer like Chong Ye can help you to better understand Bellevue motorcycle helmet laws and how they interact with personal injury demands for compensation. This includes pursuing cases where a defendant driver and their insurance company attempt to avoid liability because you were not wearing a helmet. Contact The Ye Law Firm now to schedule a free online or in-person consultation.