Accidents on Bellevue roads that involve motorcycles are a leading cause of personal injuries. These incidents can not only result in physical injuries but may also devastate your overall quality of life and ability to return to work. Even though you may be able to pursue a motorbike collision lawsuit or insurance settlement that covers your losses, it is still best to avoid these incidents if at all possible.

A combination of common traffic laws and rules that apply specifically to motorcycles serve as safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Bellevue. As a result, it falls to both bikers and other drivers to act responsibly to lower the overall frequency of these devastating events.

All Drivers Have a Requirement to Operate Their Vehicles in a Responsible Manner

The common traffic laws in Bellevue apply to all operators of motor vehicles. This means that the drivers of cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and even motorcycles have an obligation to obey these laws. In most cases, these laws exist to promote the safety of all travelers. Common examples include:

  • The requirement to stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Speed limits
  • Yielding when necessary
  • Signaling all turns
  • Refraining from tailgating

These laws combine to establish a standard of driving that applies to motorcyclists and all other travelers. As a result, all parties on the road must follow the safety measures to prevent motorcycle wrecks in Bellevue.

Specific Traffic Laws Control the Actions of Motorcycle Riders

While all drivers must follow the common rules of the road, a special set of laws aim to control the actions of bikers. These typically deal with how those bikers must interact with other vehicles and limit how they may use their smaller size to gain an advantage on the road.

One clear example is the Revised Code of Washington § 46.61.608, which states that a motorcyclist cannot attempt to pass another vehicle while remaining in the same lane as that other car. This means that a biker attempting to make a pass must move into a separate lane, even if their current lane leaves room for an overtake. Similar concepts prohibit bikers from traveling on the shoulder of a road or lane splitting. A well-practiced attorney like Chong Ye can provide more information about the rules of the road in Bellevue that affect bikers and how failing to follow them may contribute to an increased rate of accidents.

Proper Motorcycle Maintenance Can Help Reduce the Rate of Collisions

Motorcyclists have an obligation under Washington state law to keep their vehicles in good working order. For many, these steps can help reduce the frequency of catastrophic failures that may result in single-vehicle accidents. However, proper maintenance can also help other drivers to avoid these serious events.

All motorbikes must have working headlights, taillights, and turn signals. In addition, having working brakes and fresh tires can help riders come to a quick stop in an emergency. In simple terms, having a motorcycle in the best possible condition helps avoid incidents that can result in severe personal injuries and further property damage.

Safety Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Bellevue Require the Cooperation of all Travelers

Preventing motorcycle accidents in Bellevue requires constant vigilance and preventative measures. Bikers can start this process at home by inspecting their vehicles for damage or defects like broken taillights or worn-down tires. At the same time, motorcyclists must be sure to follow all rules of the road. These include general traffic laws and those that apply only to those on motorcycles.

However, this does not mean that other drivers do not have a role to play. They must also maintain their vehicles and give motorcyclist riders the same respect and leeway that they do all other travelers. Failures to do so may mean that those drivers are legally responsible for any resulting damage. Talk with Chong Ye, a skilled lawyer, to discover more about safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Bellevue and your legal rights after a crash. Call The Ye Law Firm now to schedule a free remote or in-person consultation.