Riding a motorcycle in Bellevue requires you to follow every relevant traffic law. In most cases, this means operating a motorbike in the same way that you would any other motor vehicle. However, there are a few examples of traffic laws that apply specifically to motorcycle riders. Following these laws is essential for keeping your license and proving liability on the part of others following an accident.

Talking with a knowledgeable attorney like Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm can help you better understand the Bellevue motorcycle traffic laws. This can improve your overall safety on the road and protect your legal rights if you need to demand compensation from an at-fault motorist after a collision.

Laws that Cover the Actions of all Travelers

Motorcycle riders have the same right to use public roads and streets as all other travelers. As a result, they must be sure to follow these same rules of the road. Common laws such as speed limits, the requirement to stop at red lights, and yielding when appropriate apply in just the same way to motorcyclists as they do to other drivers.

Special Rules that Govern the Activity of Bikers

In addition to the common rules of the road, a special set of laws control the activity of those on motorcycles. Many of these control how a person may physically ride the vehicle. For instance, the Revised Code of Washington § 46.61.612 states that all riders must place one leg on each side of the vehicle.

Other laws influence how a rider must interact with other vehicles. For example, RCW § 46.61.608 prohibits bikers from attempting to pass another vehicle without leaving that vehicle’s lane. Similar rules prohibit lane splitting and riding on the shoulder of a road. A skilled Bellevue lawyer, such as Chong Ye, and his team are experienced with motorcycle collisions and can provide more information about the specific traffic laws that apply to bikers.

How Violations of Motorcycle Laws Could Complicate Personal Injury Cases

The central part of any personal injury case is proving that another motorist was responsible for the crash. This often involves evaluating the actions of all involved parties and determining if they violated any rule of the road.

While the injured people seeking confirmation often take the lead in this process, the fact is that defendants and their insurance companies will also be working to prove a biker’s fault for a wreck. Evidence that a biker was speeding or performing any other activity that was a violation of state law could severely damage or even totally destroy a case seeking monetary damages. This is another reason to be sure to follow the motorcycle traffic laws in Bellevue.

An Attorney Could Help Clarify the Bellevue Motorcycle Traffic Laws and their Impact on Civil Litigation

Motorcycle riders have an obligation to follow all the traffic laws present on Bellevue’s roads and streets. This includes the common traffic laws like speed limits and those that apply specifically to motorcycles, like the prohibition of lane splitting.

A failure to follow these laws may lead to tickets resulting from traffic stops. They may also weaken a claim for financial recovery if another motorist can show that your failure to follow a traffic law contributed to a collision. Talking with an experienced lawyer like Chong Ye now could help you to fully understand your obligations while on your motorbike. Reach out to The Ye Law Firm to learn more about Bellevue motorcycle traffic laws and to set up a free initial meeting with a committed attorney.