Side-impact truck accidents in Bellevue cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses every year, and even worse, they often cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries and make for complex and time-consuming personal injury claims. If you want the best chances of preserving your right to short- and long-term recovery, it may be vital to seek professional help and guidance from experienced truck accident attorney Chong Ye.

Dangers of T-Bone Commercial Vehicle Collisions

A side-impact collision that involves a commercial truck hitting the side of a passenger vehicle is likely to result in fatal consequences for the car’s occupants. Furthermore, individuals who survive T-bone truck crashes in Bellevue are still likely to sustain catastrophic injuries and often require intensive and ongoing medical care. This is because the sides of a car are the most vulnerable to damage, as they are not equipped with crunch technology like the hood of a vehicle and offer little protection even with airbags in the doors.

The most common losses resulting from wrecks of this nature include:

Regardless of what injuries a person suffers in a side-impact truck wreck, a qualified attorney at The Ye Law Firm can work on their behalf to demand recovery for the full value of their losses.

Recovering Compensation after a Side-Impact Truck Wreck

Because side-impact truck crashes in Bellevue and throughout Washington often have long-lasting repercussions, those seeking comprehensive civil recovery following an incident like this must consider their long-term damages. Only seeking compensation for short-term losses like emergency medical bills and car replacement costs is rarely enough to make up for the total harm that a T-bone trucking collision can cause.

A comprehensive claim in this situation would generally include various economic and non-economic damages – the full value of which may not be clear for years to come – such as past and future medical bills, lost future earning capacity, lost consortium, and lost enjoyment of life. The statute of limitations outlined in Revised Code of Washington §4.16.080 gives injured individuals only three years to file suit after the date of a side-impact truck wreck resulting in personal injury. Therefore, assistance from a seasoned legal professional like Chong Ye can be crucial to identifying, valuating, and demanding fair compensation for these losses well in advance of when they come to pass.

Seek Help from a Bellevue Attorney with a Side-Impact Truck Accident Claim

A commercial truck T-boning another vehicle is one of the most dangerous incidents that can happen on Washington’s roads. If you were involved in a wreck like this because a truck driver or their employer acted irresponsibly, taking advantage of your right to pursue civil recovery could make a world of difference in your life following this catastrophic experience.

Legal professionals at The Ye Law Firm with experience in side-impact truck accidents in Bellevue are available to help with your potential claim. Schedule a consultation with Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm by calling today.

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