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People and businesses are responsible for the consequences of their actions, including injury or death. Even if the death is the product of an accident, the defendant is liable for providing compensation for the losses of the decedent’s family.

Surviving family members of the decedent can damages for their economic and emotional losses with the help of personal injury attorney Chong Ye. A Bellevue wrongful death lawyer at The Ye Law Firm is prepared to hold at-fault parties responsible for their actions.

Is Anyone Legally Responsible If a Loved One is Killed in an Accident?

Family members of the decedent can only demand compensation for their losses if they can prove that another party caused their loved one’s passing. This applies regardless of whether the death was the result of an accident or an intentional act of violence.

More specifically, the Revised Code of Washington § 4.20.010 defines a wrongful death lawsuit as a death that is the product of neglect, default, or wrongful act of another. If not for the acts of the defendant, the death would not have occurred.

Therefore, a wrongful death case can follow from several situations, including:

A dedicated Bellevue attorney at The Ye Law Firm can provide more information about what a family needs to prove to establish liability for the untimely passing of their loved one.

Filing for Compensation for an Untimely Passing in Bellevue

The purpose of a wrongful death case is to bring financial stability and comfort to grieving families. As a result, only certain family members have the right to seek compensation following a death. Under RCW § 4.20.020, the proceeds from a wrongful death case can only benefit a spouse, child, domestic partner, or stepchildren of the deceased.

These parties can seek out payments for several economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral costs
  • Emotional traumas
  • Lost income

Furthermore, only certain people can pursue these cases on behalf of families. RCW § 4.20.010 states that only the personal representative of the decedent’s estate has standing to be a plaintiff in a wrongful death case. The personal representative, or executor, is generally nominated in the will. If they are not, the probate court will nominate someone. A compassionate  lawyer, like Chong Ye, will work with personal representatives and family members in tandem to pursue wrongful death cases on behalf of the estates of decedents.

Let a Bellevue Wrongful Death Attorney Protect Your Family’s Legal Rights

Whenever an individual is responsible for an event that ends in someone else passing away, the law says that they must provide compensation to an affected family. To prevail in these cases, personal representatives of the deceased must be able to prove that a decedent would have been able to collect compensation for their injuries had they survived the incident.

A Bellevue wrongful death lawyer at The Ye Law Firm can take the lead in gathering evidence concerning the incident, determine how the death impacted the family, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements and trial verdicts. Reach out to Chong Ye for a free visit today, so he can recover the compensation you deserve.

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