Like most other forms of personal injury litigation, the majority of wrongful death claims in Washington conclude with out-of-court settlements rather than official court verdicts. There is a common misconception that if a case ends in a settlement, then the decedent’s family is leaving money on the table. However, this is not the case at all. In many instances, settling actually gives the beneficiaries a much better chance of recovering comprehensively from losses following a loved one’s death.

That said, Bellevue wrongful death settlements can be tricky to understand and even harder to proactively pursue, especially without support from experienced legal counsel. With a compassionate and experienced wrongful death attorney on your side like Chong Ye, you can seek the best possible resolution to your unique claim without putting your rights or your family’s future at risk.

Determining Wrongful Death Settlement Value

The amount of compensation that beneficiaries of a wrongful death claim may be entitled to depends entirely on the specific losses they experienced and that they will likely experience in the years to come. There is no “standard” or “average” value for wrongful death settlements in Bellevue, nor is it a simple matter to estimate the value of a particular claim without a thorough appraisal of the effects of the fatal accident.

A comprehensive settlement following a wrongful death should incorporate both economic and non-economic damages that a loved one’s passing has on immediate family members. Recoverable losses for economic damages may include any funeral, burial, and/or medical expenses, as well as lost future financial support the decedent would have provided.

A wrongful death claim may also seek non-economic restitution for lost household services, lost consortium, as well as lost guidance, companionship, and love, depending on the circumstances. Other damages sustained by the decedent between their accident and death may be incorporated into a separate survival action.

Who Can Receive Wrongful Death Settlement Funds?

Under Washington state law, only the personal representative of the decedent’s estate—typically someone nominated in the decedent’s will or, in the absence of such instructions, appointed by the court to serve in that position—may file a wrongful death claim. If that claim results in a financial settlement, the personal representative is then responsible for distributing the funds to eligible beneficiaries.

In most situations, only the spouse or domestic partner and dependent children/stepchildren of the decedent may recover compensation through a Bellevue wrongful death settlement. However, there are some circumstances where parents, guardians, and/or siblings of a deceased person may be eligible to recover, as a knowledgeable lawyer like Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm can further explain.

Discuss Bellevue Wrongful Death Settlements with a Seasoned Attorney

Obtaining financial reimbursement by settling a wrongful death out of court can feel insignificant compared to the immense loss and grief you and your family may be dealing with. However, ensuring a comprehensive settlement in situations like this can be vital to protecting the financial security and future prospects of surviving family members.

Support and guidance from a dedicated attorney such as Chong Ye can be essential when pursuing a Bellevue wrongful death settlement. Call today to schedule your free, in-person or remote, consultation with The Ye Law Firm.