Our Client vs. DWI Driver

Our client was traveling in lane 3 of 5 on southbound I-5 near Fife, WA. At the same time, the non-fault driver was traveling in lane 2 of 5, and at-fault was traveling in lane 1 of 5. Suddenly and without warning, the at-fault driver cut across lane 2 and struck the non-fault’s vehicle, causing it to strike the right rear of our client’s car. Force of the impact caused our client’s vehicle to spin out before colliding head-on with the concrete center barrier. The front and side airbags deployed, our client’s left knee struck the dashboard, and the airbags struck both arms. Our client suffered the loss of consciousness and was transported by ambulance to Tacoma General Hospital, where multiple CT scans and x-rays were taken of the head, neck, chest, and arms. He was diagnosed with headache, tinnitus of right ear, right and left ear hearing loss, concussion, memory loss, fatigue, numbness, blurry vision, neck, both shoulders, upper, mid, lower, and back pain. After his treatment, his medical bills exceeded $50,00.00+. To further complicate the situation, in the emergency room, the doctors found a small tumor in his brain, which complicated the client’s brain damage claim. Ultimately, we couldn’t settle the claim in negotiation, so we filed this into a lawsuit. After the deposition and a few weeks before the trial date, the at-fault party tendered its bodily injury policy limit of $250,000.00. Clearly, we valued the claim for more than the policy limit. Unfortunately, the client did not carry UIM insurance. The client also received Medicare/Medicaid due to his disabilities resulting from his tumor, and we were able to ensure the client was able to take all of his money home without forfeiting his government-funded programs.