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Our Client, Pedestrian v. Inattentive Driver

Our client was walking from her home to her church for morning prayer as she approached the intersection of S. 288th St. and 34th Ave. S., in Federal Way. Our client used the crosswalk to cross the street. At the same time, the at-fault driver was traveling northbound on 34th Ave. S. As the at-fault driver reached the intersection, she executed a left turn, striking our client with her vehicle. She was transported to the emergency room by the ambulance where CT Scans were taken of the head, cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spines, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and hips, and were positive for compression fracture at L1. To further complicate the matter, due to her advanced age and for safety concerns, the hospital was unwilling to discharge her directly to her home. Instead, they were only going to release her to an assisted living facility. She stayed in the hospital for another 11 days until her family could find an assisted living facility where she remained in their care for another month. Her primary care doctor suggested seeing a neurologist who recommended she undergo L2 kyphoplasty and L1 vertebroplasty. Her hospital bills, assisted living facility, and L2 kyphoplasty and L1 vertebroplasty exceeded $90,000.00. She needed additional care for other injuries. We requested 3rd party PIP and 1st party PIP to release $60,000.00 PIP funds to our office so we can negotiate payments with her medical providers directly. We were able to reduce her entire outstanding balance to a little over $61,000.00 and pay most of it off her the PIP funds we collected. We were able to obtain a settlement amount of $210,000.00 from BI Policy Limit + UIM Policy Limit + PIP Waiver (From 3rd Party PIP and 1st Party PIP).