Car accidents involving drunk or intoxicated drivers are widely considered some of the most preventable causes of accident-related deaths and injuries. In response to this widely accepted notion, Washington has passed laws aimed at deterring DUI offenses. Unfortunately, many of these senseless accidents continue to occur and harm bystanders and unsuspecting motorists.

Motorists involved in these collisions are often left with life-altering injuries. At that point, deterrents and criminal punishments do little to assist someone left with pain, injuries, and medical bills. However, drivers convicted of driving under the influence are liable for the damages they cause.

Parties injured in drunk driving car accidents in Federal way can seek financial compensation for their injuries through civil litigation. However, holding a drunk driver responsible may require the assistance of qualified attorney Chong Ye and his team at The Ye Law Firm.

Drunk Driving Creates a Presumption of Negligence

Every motorist has a duty to drive and handle their vehicle with care. Driving with care means observing surrounding traffic, obeying traffic laws, and being cognizant. Alcohol impairs the brain and motor functions. It slows the reaction time and physical precision of a driver when they are attempting to brake, accelerate, or steer.

Therefore, when a driver chooses to impair themselves through the use of alcohol, they are making a conscious decision to breach their duty of care by getting behind the wheel and potentially endanger themselves and others. When an accident occurs because a drunk driver has already breached their duty of care, they are presumed to have operated their vehicle negligently.

However, someone injured in a drunk driving wreck must still demonstrate that the driver was the cause of the accident. Each case has different elements that determine how to prove causation. But once a knowledgeable lawyer at The Ye Law Firm proves duty, breach, and cause, a plaintiff can seek financial compensation for a Federal Way crash involving intoxication.

Financial Compensation for Injuries in Federal Way

Financial compensation is used in an attempt to restore a person to the position they would be in if the intoxicated driving accident had not occurred. The expenses an injured party make pursue with the help of motivated attorney, Chong Ye, after a DUI include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Potential income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Furthermore, in cases where injuries are severe or life-altering, a plaintiff may seek financial compensation to make necessary modifications to their home and or vehicles. Modifications necessary due to physical or other resulting limitations are treated the same as medical expenses.

Skilled Attorneys Can Pursue Damages for Federal Way Drunk Driving Car Accidents

A drunk driver should not get away with causing you injury, pain, suffering, or inconvenience in addition to the bills necessary to receive treatment. However, holding parties accountable for drunk driving accidents on Federal Way means preparing competent and thorough claims complete with evidence, knowledge of the law, and proper assessment of the extent of damages and potential future costs associated with resulting injuries.

Working with Chong Ye is the most effective means to file a claim and negotiate a comprehensive settlement. Please give our team a call to schedule your free consultation to discuss today. We will talk about the merits of your case and develop a plan to move forward.


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