In most cases, a driver flees the accident scene because they are uninsured, have a criminal background, or fear facing responsibility for the damage they caused.

Hit-and-run accidents in Federal Way can leave injured parties with little apparent recourse and maddening uncertainty. For these reasons, Washington considers driving away from the scene of an accident to be a crime.

Working with The Ye Law Firm is often an essential step if you are facing injuries from a hit-and-run driver. Courts often have minimal sympathy for parties accused of fleeing the scene of an accident. However, it must first be proven that the defendant is responsible for the resulting injuries and was aware of the accident at the time that resulted from their negligence. Contacting Chong Ye, an experienced auto collision attorney, can improve the outcome of your case. Chong has spent his career working on behalf of injured parties and is experienced in hit-and-run cases.

Fleeing the Accident Scene is a Crime

Any motorist involved in a traffic accident must, under the Revised Code of Washington 46.52.020, remain at or near the crash scene and provide pertinent information, including their identification and insurance information. The penalty to any person responsible for a hit-and-run accident is a misdemeanor or a felony charge, depending on the result of the accident. If the accident causes any bodily injury or death, the penalties can range from five years to life in prison, with fines up to $50,000.

Consequently, fleeing the scene is also strong evidence of culpability and negligence on behalf of the fleeing driver. If the driver can be determined, they can be brought to justice. The seasoned legal team at The Ye Law Firm will work to identify cameras that may have captured the hit-and-run accident, investigate the scene of the accident, and interview potential witnesses.

Federal Way Hit-and-Run Drivers Often Escape Consequences

When a hit-and-run driver successfully flees the scene, they are often able to get off without any repercussions. Do not be surprised if police do not investigate the accident. Generally they only investigate if there is serious bodily harm to another party or parties. Still, it is frustrating when hit-and-run drivers elude liability.

However, Chong Ye, a skillful attorney at The Ye Law Firm with experience in hit-and-run auto collisions may be able to help. Obtaining eye witness accounts, license plates, vehicle models, and other evidence can be employed to down the hit-and-run driver.

Furthermore, the use of solid evidence may be able to prove liability and intent. With liability attached to the negligent, a plaintiff may recover damages.

Damages in a Federal Way Hit-and-Run Auto Wrecks

Financial compensation for the harm one person causes to another under the law is known as damages. A person who sustains an injury from a hit-and-run driver can obtain damages for their bodily injuries and their damaged property with the help of Chong Ye, an experienced lawyer at The Ye Law Firm. Furthermore, compensation is available for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, wages lost due to one, and future income impacted by sustained injuries.

Generally, compensation is sourced from insurance. However, it is not uncommon for a hit-and-run driver to be underinsured or entirely without insurance. At which point, a plaintiff may be forced to seek compensation directly from the driver.

Obtaining total compensation, like many aspects of a hit-and-run accident, may be challenging. However, holding the driver accountable is still feasible with a sound legal strategy.

Reach out to a Skilled Attorney about Hit-and-Run Car Crashes in Federal Way

Hit-and-run car accidents in Federal Way can be challenging cases for anyone left both injured and holding the bag. However, obtaining legal representation can significantly improve your chances of holding a hit-and-run driver accountable.

Scheduling a consultation either in person or remotely via Zoom or Facetime to discuss your case with Chong Ye is a step in the right direction. Call The Ye Law Firm today.