T-bone auto accidents or side-impact collisions occur when one automobile hits the side of another. This type of accident most commonly happens at stop signs, intersections, or traffic lights.

Unfortunately, these accidents usually cause severe injuries and extensive property damage. If you suffered severe injuries in a T-bone car accident, reach out to an attorney like Chong Ye who handles side-impact car accidents in Federal Way as soon as possible. A dedicated car wreck lawyer at The Ye Law Firm could discuss the circumstances of your case and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Common Injuries in Side Impact Collisions

The injuries broadside accident victims sustain are usually severe and painful. Serious injuries are usually costly, so it is essential that accident victims pursue damages for the injuries they endure because of another driver’s negligence.

Side collision injuries can be especially severe because there is less space between the place of impact and the individual’s body, leaving them unprotected. The person sitting on the side of the car that receives impact is even more likely to suffer serious injuries. Some of the most common injury types for this type of car crash include:

Individuals involved in an accident need to seek medical attention immediately so that their injuries are properly assessed, treated, and documented. After seeing a doctor, an individual’s next step should be contacting a Federal Way attorney who is skilled in handling T-bone crashes. Contacting a lawyer in a timely manner gives a victim the best chance at recovering damages.

Determining the At-Fault Driver in Broadside or T-Bone Car Accidents

Determining who is at fault after this type of auto accident will depend on a wide range of factors. Those factors include traffic signals, negligence, weather conditions, and the time of the collision. In some cases, a third party may also be at fault.

Some of the common causes for this type of collision include:

  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to yield the right of ways
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding or reckless driving

Each auto accident is unique. A knowledgeable and experienced Federal Way attorney such as Chong Ye could help thoroughly investigate contributing factors of a T-bone accident and prove the at-fault driver’s liability.

Comparative Fault in Federal Way

The Revised Code of Washington § 4.22.005 establishes a pure comparative negligence standard in the state. This means that if the plaintiff contributes at all to the cause of the accident, this will proportionally reduce the amount the court or insurance companies will award them for damages.

For example, a plaintiff may be found to be 20% at fault for an accident. In this case, they will only be able to recover 80% of the total possible damages award for their injuries. A local attorney and his staff such as the Ye Law Firm could explain the impact of comparative fault standards in a side impact collision case.

Call an Attorney Experienced in Side Impact Auto Accidents in Federal Way

Side impact collisions can be catastrophic with life-changing effects and may require long-term medical care. These cases are complex and proving fault in this type of car accident may not be straightforward.

For these reasons, it may be best to seek the guidance of a legal professional such as Chong Ye who has experience handling side impact car accident cases in Federal Way. Having a well-versed attorney on your side could improve your chance at receiving fair compensation for your injuries. Reach out to The Ye Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.