An amputation will change the course of your entire life. Accidents that cause horrific injuries, such as limb amputation, can be devastating for you and those close to you. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you may have the right to collect compensation for the damages you sustained.

Traumatic amputations are one of the most debilitating injuries a person can suffer in an accident. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident resulting in the loss of a limb, you should reach out to a skilled legal professional right away. An experienced Federal Way amputation lawyer like Chong Ye can start working on reviewing your claim, collecting evidence, and getting you the compensation you deserve. Call The Ye Law Firm now to schedule a consultation.

Causes of a Traumatic Amputation

The medical field refers to the sudden loss of limb(s) in an accident as traumatic amputation. For some, the damage to the extremity is irreparable, and a medical professional must complete the amputation. However, there are instances where a medical professional can successfully reattach the limb following a severe incident. Some accidents that most commonly cause these types of injuries include:

Approximately 70 percent of all traumatic amputations involve an individual’s arm, and about half of those occur in vehicle collisions. After suffering a severe accident because of another person’s negligence, the injured party should contact a Federal Way amputation attorney immediately to guide them through the claims process.

Recoverable Damages After the Loss of a Limb

With the help of a hard-working legal professional, the claimant must successfully prove the defendant’s negligent actions caused their loss of limb(s). Once fault is established, the plaintiff could collect compensation in two categories:

Economic Damages

Economic, or general damages, are monetary losses that include current and future medical bills and expenses, lost wages, and transportation costs. This category would also cover bills that the plaintiff could not pay because of their injury, such as prosthetic limbs and home modifications.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages cover the emotional losses a person suffers. Awards for these damages cover pain and suffering, stress and anxiety, mental pain and anguish, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

The Effect of Contributory Fault in Amputation Cases

In some civil claims for damages, the court may find that the plaintiff is partly at fault for the injuries they sustained. In these cases, there is a civil statute that allows them to collect compensation even if they were partly responsible. As per Revised Washington Statute 4.22.005, the plaintiff sharing a portion of fault does not bar them from damage recovery.

Instead, the court will subtract their percentage of responsibility from the total award amount. An amputation lawyer in Federal Way with an understanding of contributory fault can answer any questions about the statute and help a plaintiff pursue their deserved compensation.

Call a Federal Way Amputation Attorney Today

If you experienced a traumatic amputation injury, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and devastated. This type of injury usually requires home modifications, ongoing medical care and therapy, and a prosthetic limb—all of which are cumbersome and costly.

When another person’s negligence or recklessness causes you to suffer, you have the legal right to hold them financially accountable. If you were recently injured in this kind of accident, contact a Federal Way amputation lawyer today to schedule a consultation. An expert personal injury attorney like Chong Ye and his team at The Ye Law Firm can guide you through the complex legal process and advocate for the fair settlement amount you deserve. Reach out for a free, no obligation consultation today. The team is available either in person or remotely, for your safety and peace of mind.