Injuries to certain portions of your brain or spinal cord can cause permanent disability, including paraplegia, which is the medical term for the inability to move the lower part of your body. These injuries often occur when a person receives a sudden blow or jolt to their spinal cord or, less commonly, after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

The overwhelming pain and suffering from severe injuries are often immense. Paraplegia injuries require extensive medical attention and follow-up, along with immediate and long-term care and assistance. These factors make the injuries quite costly.

Though your life will change drastically, people who sustain injuries resulting in paraplegia can live happy and productive lives with quality medical care and aid. If you were involved in a life-altering accident due to another person’s negligence, contact a compassionate and determined Federal Way paraplegia injury lawyer at The Ye Law Firm. One of our experienced paralysis injury attorneys, such as Chong Ye, could help you file a claim and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Paraplegia

Spinal cord injuries leading to paraplegia occur in many different types of accidents, or sometimes as a result of another’s intentional actions. The most common causes of paraplegia are:

Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle crashes are the most prevalent cause of paraplegia causing injuries. Spinal cord and brain injuries commonly occur in car, motorcycle, and trucking collisions.

Dangerous Falls

Falls are the second most common cause of spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia. These accidents may occur because of a hazardous condition on public or private property. When a fall occurs because of a person’s careless actions, a court will hold them accountable for the damages.

Violent Attacks

Violent attacks also frequently lead to paraplegic injuries. Domestic violence, sexual assault, and many other forms of violence can cause severe and life-altering damages. When an assailant intentionally causes harm to another, a court will hold them responsible for the grief and destruction they caused.

A skilled Federal Way paraplegia injury attorney could complete an investigation to help determine the cause of the condition and collect the documentation to establish liability.

Symptoms After Suffering a Paraplegia Injury

A person with paraplegia will often have a wide range of health problems related to the disability. Some of those illnesses include:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Muscle spasms
  • Kidney stones
  • Pressure or bed sores from sitting or lying in the same spot or position for too long
  • Chronic pain
  • Repository issues

A committed paraplegia injury lawyer in Federal Way could review all of a person’s health issues and ensure they are documented as damages in the settlement or civil lawsuit.

Determining Compensation for Non-Economic Damages

In Washington, there is a specific method for calculating non-monetary losses. Under the Revised Code of Washington 4.56.250, the court will determine the maximum amount of non-economic damages the plaintiff can recover after suffering injuries leading to paraplegia. The amount is determined using a standard method and specific formula.

The judge calculates the award amount of non-monetary losses by multiplying the claimant’s annual salary by their life expectancy and 0.43. Using the insurance commissioner’s life expectancy tables, the court will factor the plaintiff’s maximum life expectancy. However, they will not calculate damages using a life expectancy of fewer than 15 years. This approach is used to ensure the injured individual receives fair compensation for their losses.

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Suffering from paraplegia is often life-changing and will require you to reorganize your entire life. If the accident occurred because of negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another, there are state laws in place to hold the responsible party accountable. Paraplegia can often cause permanent disability and requires expensive treatment and care.

You should not have to pay for the carelessness of another. If you were in an avoidable accident because of another person’s actions, reach out to Chong Ye, our compassionate and skilled Federal Way paraplegia injury lawyer, at The Ye Law Firm to schedule a free consultation either in person or remotely. Call soon to get started.