Quadriplegia is the loss of control or paralysis of the upper and lower extremities. These severe injuries will change every aspect of your life. After a person suffers these injuries, they will require many changes to their home, long-term medical care, mental and physical therapy, and rehabilitation. The injured party must sometimes move to a long-term care facility if implementing home updates are not feasible.

Because of all the expenses, and the fact that most cannot return to their job after the accident, these injuries are incredibly costly. If you were in an accident because of another person’s negligence, you may have a right to collect compensation for the damages you sustained. A knowledgeable paralysis injury attorney at The Ye Law Firm is here to help. Contact an experienced Federal Way quadriplegia injury lawyer, like Chong Ye, to schedule a consultation and start your claim.

Accidents that Commonly Cause Injuries Leading to Quadriplegia

Traumatic damage to the spinal cord and surrounding tissues could cause quadriplegia. Some of the more common accidents resulting in these types of injuries include:

Auto Accidents

If the jolt from a serious car or motorcycle accident throws a driver or passenger from a vehicle, they could sustain severe spinal cord injuries leading to quadriplegia. Auto accidents are the most common cause of these life-altering injuries, specifically head-on vehicle collisions.

Pedestrian Accidents

If a negligent motorist runs over a pedestrian with their car, the sudden blow to their spine could fracture, crush, or dislocate their spinal cord and the surrounding area. Because the pedestrian has nothing protecting them from damages during impact, the consequent injuries are devastating.

Insurance Company Communication and Negotiations

Many lawsuits never proceed to civil court. In most injury cases, all parties would prefer to negotiate claims or settle through a mediation process. Negotiating claims with insurance companies requires knowledge of personal injury and civil law, along with skillful negotiation skills.

Often times, insurance representatives offer settlement amounts that are much too low. They do this because they are working for the best interest of the insurance corporation and not the party with the injuries. Yet, insurance companies also do not want to deal with proceeding to civil court and public lawsuits. A skillful Federal Way quadriplegia injury attorney can handle the entire insurance settlement process, including communication, negotiation, litigation, and finalization.

Recovery of Damages in Quadriplegia Cases

Quadriplegia cases are expensive, making award amounts high in many lawsuits. The court will usually award compensation for damages in two categories.


Economic damages include verifiable out-of-pocket expenses and losses, including:

  • Current and future medical care and expenses
  • Losing pay and future earning potential
  • Loss of retirement, insurance, and other benefits
  • The cost to get household services or for a long-term care facility


The second category is non-economic damages. Per the Washington Practice Series 30.06, non-economic damages are the abstract, non-monetary losses a person sustains after a severe accident. Award amounts would cover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental pain and anguish
  • Losing companionship or consortium
  • Losing enjoyment of activities and life

This category could also cover permanent disability or disfigurement, inconvenience, loss of society, and humiliation. A proactive quadriplegia injury lawyer in Federal Way can review documentation from damages and help determine potential award amounts.

Enlist the Help of a Federal Way Quadriplegia Injury Attorney

Injuries leading to quadriplegia will not only devastate your life, but they can also shatter your whole family. After quadriplegia, you are more susceptible to a wide range of other health issues, will need lifelong medical care, likely cannot return to work, and require assistance to take care of yourself on a daily basis. If a person’s careless actions caused your injuries, you must hold them accountable.

The good news is: You do not have to fight or face the legal challenges alone. A seasoned Federal Way quadriplegia injury lawyer such as Chong Ye and his experienced team at The Ye Law Firm will help you navigate the complicated process and fight for the fair recovery amounts you need and deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation. The law firm will schedule a no obligation appointment at your convenience either in person on remotely at no charge to you.