Making the decision to place an elderly family member under the care of an assisted living facility or nursing home is always a difficult process. However, finding out your loved one experienced subpar or abusive care from facility staff members is multiple degrees of magnitude worse—and unfortunately, it is something that too many families in the State of Washington go through each and every year.

If you suffered mistreatment of any kind in a nursing home, or if you believe a family member has suffered mistreatment in such a facility, a Federal Way nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated personal injury attorney could go over your legal options with you during a confidential consultation and then, once retained, work tirelessly to ensure the mistreatment stops and the responsible parties are held financially liable for their misconduct.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents in Federal Way

Following the passage of the Nursing Home Reform Act by the United States Congress in 1987, every state in America has taken steps to reinforce and often expand upon these federal protections for nursing home residents. To that end, Chapter 70.129 of the Revised Code of Washington establishes a Patient Bill of Rights that applies not only to residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, but also to residents of veterans’ homes, boarding homes, and adult family homes.

Resident rights enumerated under this section of state law include but are not limited to:

  • The right to receive adequate medical and personal care at all times
  • The right to be aware of facility rules, available services, and any changes that will be made to living conditions
  • The right to participate in decisions regarding personal medical care, choose their own doctors, and be informed of changes in their condition
  • The right to personal, religious, and financial privacy and independence
  • The right to private and free communication with people outside the facility, as well as to visits from family, friends, and personal healthcare providers
  • The right to be free of discrimination, coercion, or any form of physical or mental abuse, including non-consensual use of restraints
  • The right to file complaints about mistreatment and/or poor living conditions at any time

If any employee, manager, or administrator of a nursing home infringes on these rights, a Federal Way nursing home abuse attorney could help an impacted resident and/or their immediate family members take appropriate legal action.

Legal Options for Addressing Neglect or Abuse

As a precursor or alternative to civil litigation, nursing home residents or family members of residents may report suspected neglect or abuse to facility administrators, or to the statewide hotline. However, if someone is in imminent danger of serious harm, contacting law enforcement immediately is often the best course of action.

Once a nursing home resident’s wellbeing is assured, a nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer in Federal Way could help them or their loved ones pursue civil compensation from the individual or entity responsible for their mistreatment. Recoverable damages may include additional medical expenses necessitated by abuse or neglect, loss of enjoyment of life, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

Get Help from a Federal Way Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing home abuse unfortunately occurs far more often than many people are aware of, and the effects it has on vulnerable residents are often debilitating and potentially even fatal. If you or a beloved family member suffer mistreatment in a nursing home or a similar facility, though, you have important legal options at your disposal that you should strongly consider utilizing.

An experienced Federal Way nursing home abuse lawyer could walk you through the process of holding negligent or abusive nursing home employees civilly liable for their actions. Call today to learn more.