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Kindness Matters. Doing Good Matters.

Recognizing Both Are Important.

Doing Good in our communities and overall kindness takes many forms, and too often, it is not acknowledged or appreciated.

We want to change that! Together, we can bring stories of Good back into our daily lives.

We want to recognize anyone who makes our community a better place. We need your help to do this!

And we want to do even more than that! We want to lead the charge in bringing respect into everyday relationships within our community.

These are the 3 pillars of The Ye Law Firm:


2. Relationships, and

3. Community.

Help us start this movement by nominating a local first responder or anyone who you notice making a difference in the life of another or our community. For example,

Do you know an outstanding local police officer, EMT, or fireman? If so, nominate that person for The Ye Law Firm Hometown Hero.

Maybe you have a neighbor or co-worker who you think is a hero. If so, nominate that person for The Ye Law Firm Hometown Hero.

For some folks, spreading respect and kindness are selfless acts that do not require recognition, so we will contact each hero nominated to ensure your hero is comfortable being honored.

Even if your hero doesn’t want to be recognized publicly, your hero will still receive a gift from us!

Each honored hero will receive a $100 Amazon gift card or can donate the gift card to the charity of their choice.

Amazon $100 gift card

If your hero is comfortable, we will feature him on our website and social media for all to celebrate and thank!

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