Rear-End Crash Resulting in a Left Shoulder Tear

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The Scene Of The Accident:  S. 312th Street, 35 mph zone.

Our client was the middle car of a three-car collision and was slowing to a near stop.

The at-fault driver was driving at an estimated 50 miles per hour, when she slammed her vehicle into our client’s vehicle. Impact in this collision was violent and severe – and slammed our client’s car into the vehicle ahead of her.

As a result, our client’s car was destroyed and insurance declared it a total loss.

Our client was transported to the emergency room at the hospital with injuries to neck, shoulder, and chest. She also had trouble breathing and headaches.

Over the next few days, she began to suffer from severe pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and upper extremities Her doctors ordered x-rays and MRIs. She treated with chiropractor and acupuncturist, however, in the end, she required an orthopedic surgery on her left shoulder tear.

After the surgery, she continued with the physical therapy. Her medical bills and lost wages were more than $63,900. We recovered the at-fault driver’s policy limit and a full PIP waiver in excess of $163,900.

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