Although they are less common than many other types of motor vehicle crashes, front-end car accidents in Tacoma are particularly dangerous. Many head-on collisions result in life-altering physical and emotional injuries. Survivors of front-end accidents also frequently face financial difficulties. Sadly, many of these wrecks are so serious that they result in death.

If another vehicle struck you or your loved one head-on, you should explore your legal options. A knowledgeable car crash attorney such as Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm can meet with you to review the details of your case and investigate who is to blame. Then, they can help you pursue fair compensation from the driver who hit you through an injury claim.

Reasons Why Front-End Collisions Are So Dangerous

Head-on collisions typically involve two vehicles that are moving towards each other. When cars meet each other head-on, the results can be devastating. Even if both automobiles are traveling at relatively low rates of speed, serious injuries can occur due to the sheer force of impact caused by two large vehicles traveling in opposite directions colliding with each other. Head-on collisions between two moving cars are almost always more serious than accidents involving one vehicle hitting the back of another vehicle traveling in the same direction.

In addition, drivers and front-seat passengers in head-on accidents face an exceptionally high risk of injuries because they sit in the front of the car. They are more likely to withstand a direct impact from the colliding vehicle. Unlike people sitting in the back of the car, they do not have much to protect them. A colliding vehicle could crush their car, and they could also suffer injuries from the broken glass in their front windshield.

As a result, people in front-end crashes in Tacoma typically suffer from serious crush injuries, which can lead to:

Skilled local attorneys can review the details of a crash and evaluate a survivor’s injuries. They can meet with medical experts to get an idea of the survivor’s future anticipated medical expenses and potential for recovery. They can then pursue a damages award that adequately compensates an injured party for the full extent of their physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Frequent Causes of Head-On Crashes in Tacoma

Most head-on collisions in Tacoma occur because one driver negligently or carelessly fails to stay in their lane. These wrecks can happen on more rural roads, such as when motorists fail to pay attention to bends or curves in the roadways. They can also occur on highways when motorists unintentionally enter onto the wrong ramp. Frequently, drivers crash into each other at intersections when one car makes an improper left turn directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle. These accidents also happen when drivers make unsafe attempts to pass other cars.

A dedicated attorney can thoroughly investigate why the at-fault driver made the error. They can speak with eyewitnesses and look to find evidence that the driver was drunk, distracted, drowsy, reckless, or just careless—and hold them accountable in court.

Speak with a Tacoma Attorney Regarding Front-End Car Wrecks

Front-end car accidents in Tacoma can be devastating in so many different ways. In addition to physical injuries, you might also face lingering emotional wounds from experiencing that degree of trauma. Your injuries might stop you from going back to your job, leaving you without a way to pay your bills or take care of your family.

Let an experienced local lawyer like Chong Ye and his team assist you. Call as soon as you can to set up a free initial consultation in person or remotely to discuss your accident.