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The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have majorly negative effects on a person’s daily living. The importance of the brain to the functioning of the entire body cannot be doubted. When damage occurs to it, whether mild or severe, the resulting complications tend to be very serious. Unexpected and debilitating symptoms can irrevocably alter your life and those around you after this severe injury.

With the help of a dedicated Tacoma traumatic brain injury lawyer such as Chong Ye of The Ye Law Firm, you can pursue financial compensation appropriate to your case.

Defining Traumatic Brain Injury in Tacoma

The medical definition of a traumatic brain injury is rather broad. An injury that affects how the brain works is considered such an injury. This can result from a blow or jolt to the head, of varying degrees of severity, or may occur because of a penetrating injury, such as a gunshot wound or being impaled by an object. Another common cause of these particular injuries and which can result in impact of the brain against the skull are quick stops, such as in a motor vehicle accident.

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5 Accidents That Can Result In Traumatic Brain Injury by The Ye Law Firm, Experienced Injury Attorneys

When the traumatic brain injury results in serious injuries, the costs associated with the injury can be substantial. Medical treatment for these injuries is typically life-long, extensive, and therefore costly. Many plaintiffs also lose the ability to work, whether temporarily or permanently. These types of damages, as well as many others, may be recoverable in a personal injury lawsuit related to a traumatic brain injury.

Is a Concussion a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Yes. Considered a mild form of TBI, a concussion is still serious. This is a temporary loss in normal brain function, but this temporary loss can still be a substantial impairment. Significant symptoms may accompany a brain injury, including, but not limited to:

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness or imbalance
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Short term memory loss
  • Blurry vision

These types of symptoms and other are common for those who suffer a concussion. These “mild” forms of brain injury are common in motor vehicle accidents and in sports. When negligence caused the plaintiff’s harm, money damages may be available to help them recover.

Financial Compensation in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

To seek monetary reward for a traumatic brain injury requires the proper proof of the defendant’s negligence, as well as established evidence of the extent of the plaintiff’s harms. With the proper proof which meets the legal standard, a plaintiff may be able to recover economic damages such as lost income, medical costs, property damage, and rehabilitation costs.

Non-economic damages may also be possible, including compensation for pain and suffering, loss of a significant other, and disfigurement. Proper proof of each of these types of compensation may assist in an award of money damages.

The State of Washington defines these types of damages in RCW 4.56.250. That section, and many other areas of state law define the types of damages which may be available to an injured plaintiff. With the help of capable legal counsel such as the experienced staff at The Ye Law Firm, led by founder and attorney Chong Ye, a plaintiff can leave the interpretation of complicated legal rules and requirements to a trained professional. We will

Consult a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Tacoma for Assistance

You deserve proper review and consideration of your case. A full and thorough analysis may help determine the potential of your case for money damages, and help you understand the appropriate path forward with your case. You should not have to try to handle this alone. Let us take this stress from you while you focus on recovery.

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