Whenever you purchase a product and follow the manufacturer’s directions, you expect it to function properly. Unfortunately, there are times when products do not work as they are supposed to and inflict minor to major injuries on their users. If you were recently harmed due to a dangerous product, contact a Tacoma defective products lawyer when you are able.

Even though no amount of compensation can make up for the injuries and trauma you experienced, but it can help ease some of your financial stress. As soon as possible following an injury, seek help from a compassionate attorney like Chong Ye at The Ye Law Firm.

What Types of Defects Result in Product Liability Claims?

A product can become damaged at any point during the creation process. A design defect makes the item in question inherently dangerous, such as a children’s toy with small, easily-removable parts that present choking hazards. Products with design flaws typically result in recalls. Other defects involve the manufacturing process. In such cases, the product design is safe, but manufacturing mistakes make it hazardous. For example, parts that were not added during assembly line work can result in dangerous consumer items.

Some defects have nothing to do with the product’s design or manufacturing. Attorneys file product liability lawsuits on behalf of their clients for “failure to warn” reasons that concern incorrect labeling. If a product does not feature sufficient usage warnings or detailed instructions, it can harm the user. Warranty issues can also result in physical harm, such as a product that did not meet warranty expectations and inflicted injuries.

Proving Liability in Product Defect Claims

A legal professional must prove three elements to move forward with a faulty product case:

  1. The attorney must show that the plaintiff in question followed manufacturing instructions exactly and therefore used the item correctly, only to sustain injuries. The product designer or manufacturer is strictly liable for issuing hazardous commercial items.
  2. The legal representative has to prove that the manufacturer or designer owed the plaintiff duty of care, and breached that care by allowing a hazardous product to enter the market.
  3. The attorney must show that the warranty said the product was safe when used correctly, yet did not meet usage standards. Among the most common products that result in liability claims include:
  • Auto parts
  • Children’s toys
  • Power tools
  • Cars and trucks
  • Home appliances
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Injuries from defective products can include burns, cuts and lacerations, broken bones, head trauma, whiplash, back and shoulder injuries, spinal cord damage, throat, and esophageal damage, internal bleeding, and organ damage.

Statute of Limitations in Washington Personal Injury Cases

Washington gives individuals three years to file personal injury claims. The start date is the day of the accident and filing outside of the three-year deadline generally results in case dismissal. Working with an attorney soon after the injury occurs significantly reduces the chances of filing too late. Timely filings also increase the chance of obtaining damages sooner, such as medical costs, occupational or physical therapy, and lost wages.

Reach Out to a Faulty Product Attorney in Tacoma Today

Any type of product related accident can have serious and long-term damages, which can be costly to treat. It is important to speak with a Tacoma defective products lawyer as soon as possible following any type of accident. Our experienced legal team at The Ye Law Firm can advocate on your behalf and help your family seek compensation. Call today to get started on your case.