Dogs are among the world’s most cherished creatures, frequently providing years of loyal, loving companionship – and they become furry family members. Yet canines can also become dangerous animals if they are mistreated, do not enjoy socialization, or if they become frightened. If you recently sustained injuries from a dog encounter, speak with an experienced Tacoma dog bite lawyer like Chong Ye as soon as you can.

The trauma of a dog attack can hurt just as much as your wounds. It is not uncommon for attack victims to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, such as recurring nightmares and daymares, fearfulness around dogs, memory and sleep loss. By working with an attorney, you are holding the animal’s owner accountable, which will hopefully result in compensation. Bringing attention to a dangerous neighborhood canine can also prevent the animal from harming anyone else.

Common Injuries Following Canine Attacks

Even small dogs can cause physical harm with their teeth and nails, while large canines can inflict severe, if not fatal injuries. Among the most common wounds people in dog attacks sustain include:

  • Punctured skin
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Muscle and tendon damage
  • Blood loss
  • Broken bones
  • Bite-related infections

Such injuries are in addition to the emotional and mental trauma. Whether negotiating or fighting in court, attorneys like Chong Ye of The Ye Law Firm list all physical, mental, and emotional injuries in dog bite claims to potentially win maximum damages for his client.

One Bite Rule

Some states utilize the one bite rule in dog attack cases. The one bite rule relieves the owner of at least some liability because their canine has no prior history of aggressive or violent behavior, which can create challenges for attorneys attempting to establish blame. Washington courts do not use this rule to establish liability in canine violence cases. The owner is strictly liable for any injuries their dog inflicts according to Washington Revised Code Ann. § 16.08.040.

Strict liability applies when the injured individual was on public grounds or allowed on private grounds and did not provoke the canine. If the plaintiff was provoking the animal in any way, such as by teasing or throwing objects at it, they forfeit their right to damages.

Defining Dangerous Dogs

The state defines “dangerous” and “potentially dangerous” dogs to simplify legal proceedings. A dangerous canine is one that kills domestic animals who do not pose threats while off their owner’s property. Such canines also harm individuals on public or private property without cause and have prior histories of aggressive behavior. Their owners might have received notes from neighbors about their pets, or warnings from local humane societies.

A potentially dangerous dog approaches or chases people on public grounds in menacing ways and acts aggressively without being provoked. These dogs have also bitten one human or animal on public or private property.

State laws additionally allow livestock owners to kill any canines found chasing, attacking, or killing their farm animals.

Plaintiffs have three years from the date of their attacks to file legal claims with their attorneys. Those who file after the three-year period lose their opportunity to collect damages.

Consult a Dog Attack Attorney in Tacoma Today

Recovering from a canine attack takes time. One thing you can do while you recuperate is to speak with a Tacoma dog bite lawyer. The legal professional will review your case in exhaustive detail to determine how to approach the case and hopefully win damages. Contact The Ye Law Firm as soon as possible to get started on your personal injury claim.