Tacoma is a beautiful city with superb views, highways, and roads that are ideal for motorcyclists. Motorcycles are a comfortable and relatively environment-friendly mode of transportation, but they are often involved in some of the most devastating traffic collisions.

Unfortunately, a motorcyclist will only be as safe as the other drivers on the road with them. In many cases, accidents occur when other drivers are not paying attention, and the motorcyclist is usually the one who suffers the most. If you are suffering from injuries related to a motorbike crash, a Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer may be your best bet to obtain compensation for your injuries and your bike. Speak to a seasoned attorney to discuss filing a personal injury claim.

Motorcycle Collision Dangers

Several factors contribute to the reason that motorcyclists are more likely than car passengers to be injured or killed in collisions. The primary factor for increased injury is that motorcycles lack the protective metal chassis, airbags, and safety systems that protect vehicle passengers from collisions with the road and other vehicles.

Additionally, motorcycle crashes are the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident on our highways because they usually happen at high speeds. Because of these additional safety concerns, RCW 46.37.530 requires that all motorcycle operators wear a helmet. Subsequently, the helmets required by law must also have a chin strap that is securely fashioned while the biker is operating their vehicle.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is a negligent driver’s mistake. Often this may be caused by the low visibility associated with motorcycles in contrast with ordinary passenger vehicles. In addition, motorcyclists are often denied sufficient space by drivers of cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and large commercial trucks, resulting in rear-end collisions.

Another factor, like many car-based automotive accidents, is the presence of drivers who are distracted or texting while driving. Negligent drivers may also be impaired by drugs or alcohol, which reduces their reaction time. However, proving that a driver was negligent is often a difficult task that may require the assistance of a seasoned Tacoma-based motorbike accident litigator.

Motorcycle Injury Compensation

Damages are the legal term for monetary compensation that can be awarded by a court or through settlement as the result of a legal claim. Generally, a victim recovers the amount of money lost due to the accident or enough to make that person “whole.” Property damage, lost wages, and lost earning opportunities due to an inability to return to a former job are examples of financial losses that can be included in a claim.

However, whether or not a victim played a contributory role in the motorcycle crash is also a determining factor. The recoverable amount can be reduced by a percentage based on how much a party contributed to the accident and the resulting injuries. For instance, if a motorcyclist is found to have contributed 30% to the accident, then their financial compensation may be reduced by that same amount.

An injured motorcyclist in Tacoma may find it valuable to obtain legal advice from a Tacoma motorcycle injury counselor. Attempting to Prove that a person did not contribute to the cause of an accident coupled with insurance limitations and adjusters can make a motorcycle accident case become complicated very quickly.

Let a Tacoma Motorcycle Accident Attorney Represent you

The agony of recovering from an accident or grieving for a loved one who has died in a motorcycle accident is, unfortunately, just the beginning. Financial pressure may also arise, and you could be confronted with new demands on your time from insurance adjusters and police investigators, among other growing concerns.

Do not hesitate to speak with one of our knowledgeable and caring Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyers. Call The Ye Law Firm today.

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