Every day, many of us are pedestrians at some point. As pedestrians, we are extremely vulnerable to accidents. Due to the vulnerable nature of pedestrians, they legally have the right of way in Tacoma, and drivers must stop to allow pedestrians and pedestrians to cross the road in a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

Unfortunately, not all drivers pay attention or choose to follow the road rules when approaching crosswalks, stoplights, or stop signs.

The potential failure of motorists to adhere to the laws protecting pedestrians can often lead to accidents that cause catastrophic injuries to the victims involved. Suppose you are suffering from injuries due to a negligent motor while traveling as a pedestrian. A Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help you hold the negligent party liable. Let a knowledgeable attorney help you seek compensation for damages.

Pedestrian Rights

A pedestrian is an individual walking down a street or through a developed area. As such, pedestrians lack meaningful protection when contrasted with the operator of a motor vehicle. Due to their vulnerable nature, pedestrians in Tacoma are entitled to certain rights designed to protect them from harm.

Under RCW 46.61.235, when a pedestrian crosses the street, enters a crosswalk, or enters a controlled intersection, vehicles must come to a complete stop. Additionally, under RCW 46.61.261, pedestrians are afforded the right of way. The right of way means when approaching or leaving private driveways, drivers must concede the ability to proceed to pedestrians on sidewalks.

When deciding who was at fault in a pedestrian accident in Tacoma, multiple laws can come into play. This makes the assistance of a Tacoma-based pedestrian injury attorney extremely valuable when assessing the nature of a pedestrian accident case.

Pedestrian Accident Compensation

After a pedestrian accident, medical costs, financial pressures, and stressful encounters with physicians, law enforcement, and insurance adjusters are normal. Those involved in a property accident may be able to recover compensatory damages from legally responsible parties. Compensatory damages may include much-needed compensation for injury-related expenses. Medical bills and physical therapy costs are common compensatory damages for pedestrian accident victims in Tacoma. Additionally, lost wages and income, loss of enjoyment of life, therapy costs, and pain and suffering are also available.

Statute of Limitations

Pedestrian accident cases in Tacoma have a three-year statute of limitations from the date of the accident. Your right to pursue your case could be jeopardized if you do not file within the statute of limitations. Don’t let your medical bills pile up while your limited time to file expires.

Contact a Tacoma Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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