When a person suffers injuries resulting from slipping and falling on government, private, or commercial property, it is referred to as a slip or trip and fall or accident. Slip and fall accidents can happen for various reasons, including slippery or rough surfaces, as well as any other potentially dangerous situation.

The liability associated with unsafe conditions such as slippery surfaces is defined as premises liability. As outlined by RCW 4.24.210, Premises liability is the legal concept that when a person enters someone’s property, they have a reasonable expectation of not being injured. The property owner is in charge of maintaining a safe environment.

Subsequently, an individual who slips and falls can file a personl injury lawsuit against the property owner or occupant. Allowing a Tacoma slip and fall lawyer to assess your case may prove to be a valuable investment if you have been injured in an accident.

Proving Owner Negligence

Accidents involving slipping and falling can occur for several reasons. These incidents often happen due to a property owner or occupier failing to remove or fix a safety hazard. For an injured party to hold a property owner liable for the injuries incurred, they must be able to show that the property owner’s negligence contributed to the resulting accident occurring.

Additionally, the victim of a slip and fall injury must prove that they suffered actual physical injuries due to slipping, that the dangerous condition existed, and that the same dangerous condition contributed to the accident itself. A Tacoma-based slip and fall litigator can build a case on these factors and assist in holding the property owner liable.

Some common examples of dangerous conditions which lead to slipping and falling include clutter strewn around in inconvenient places; tiling or floorboards that have been damaged, exterior walkways that are icy or muddy, insufficient lighting, loose carpeting, slick surfaces, spills that have not been cleaned, and leaks that have not been repaired.

Injuries and Damages

Most of the injuries caused by property accidents are often physical. They include wounds from falls, blunt-force trauma, electrocution, and exposure to toxic chemicals, among other things. Because most of the injuries suffered are physical, damages are often directly tied to medical costs and recovery.

Damages are the monetary compensation owed to victims by defendants for causing their injuries. Plaintiffs in slip and fall cases may be entitled to compensatory damages to cover all medical expenses, lost income, future profits, and pain and suffering.

A seasoned slip and fall counselor in Tacoma can assess the injuries sustained, the potential long-term implications of those injuries, and comprise a proper list of damages to seek from the negligent party.

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There are many ways a person could sustain an injury on another’s property. One of the most common types of accidents includes slip and falls. Slip and falls are extremely dangerous and can cause severe injuries. Often, the injuries from a slip and fall accident can have long-term effects which can be costly to treat. Let our team at The Ye Law Firm help you seek the compensation you need. Get started on your case with the help of a Tacoma slip and fall lawyer today.