Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘I’m Sorry’ After A Federal Way Car Accident

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After a Federal way car accident, it can feel natural and right to say, “I’m sorry,” to the other driver, even if you don’t think it was your fault. Part of the reason might be social programming. Part of it may be that you are simply feeling bad about the collision. Part of it might be that you don’t know what else to say to the stranger that you’re suddenly in a pickle with.

But even if you think that you were at fault, never apologize at the scene of an accident. It could be used as evidence against you as you navigate your case in the days and weeks to come, and give the insurance company a valid reason to deny your case, delay your case, or underpay you for your case.

The Cause Of Car Accidents Isn’t Always Readily Apparent, Especially To The Drivers

Far too many people think that car accidents are either the fault of one driver or the other. But in truth, wrecks are often more complicated than that. Both drivers could be at fault, for example, or a third driver on the road who wasn’t involved in the crash. In addition, other factors could be at play that aren’t clear to those behind the wheel, including:

  • A problem with the design of the roadway.
  • Road conditions or weather conditions.
  • A mechanical malfunction.
  • A design flaw in the automobile.

The cause of your car accident will be determined by the evidence at hand, which includes much more than your own experience during the crash. Police will collect witness statements, look at skid marks, check out camera footage if available, and examine the. Until the investigation is complete, there’s no reason to say sorry.

What To Say Instead of “I’m Sorry” After A Car Accident

Some people say “I’m sorry,” just because they aren’t sure what else to say, or because they feel generally bad that the accident has taken place. Here are some thing you should say to the other driver after crash:

  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Do you need medical assistance?”
  • “Do your passengers need help?”
  • “Can we exchange contact and insurance information?”
  • “We should find a safe place to stand.”
  • “We should call the police.”

It’s best to stay away completely from who you think was at fault or what you think happened when you are talking to the other driver. The police or sheriff may have questions when they arrive at the scene – answer their questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Consult With A Federal Way Car Accident Attorney After Your Collision

After you are in an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. Our legal team is here to make sure that you follow the right place and make the right decisions to get the fair and just compensation that you deserve after a car accident and injury.

We offer car accident victims a free, no-obligation consultation, where you can get all of your legal questions answered and find out if you need legal representation as you fight for your rights. To find out more, or to schedule your meeting with Federal Way car accident attorney Chong Ye, please email us today or call us at (253) 946-0577.

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