5 Tips For Motorcycle Safety in Washington

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Washington state has some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire Pacific Northwest. And there isn’t anything like the sound of the wind whistling past while you are feeling the freedom of the road on a motorcycle. At The Ye Law Firm, our motorcycle accident injury clients range from seasoned to novice riders…many have traveled thousands of miles on their bike while others are just breaking in their bike. Regardless of time in the saddle, our clients have one major thing in common:

Motorcyclists suffer more than a car and truck drivers simply because they have less protection provided by the bike.

When talking motorcycle safety, our clients report 5 common tips to stay safe while riding a motorcycle.

  1. Use SEE.

    Search-Evaluate-Execute. Have an escape route in case a motorist doesn’t see you and violates your right-of-way.

  2. Be visible.

    Wear reflective clothing and stay out of other driver’s blind spots.

  3. Dress for safety.

    In the event of an accident, a helmet, eye protection, leather or heavy-duty clothing and boots will protect you.

  4. Ride within your skill level.

    Be cautious regardless of road conditions and know your motorcycle.

  5. Stay sober and alert.

    Driving under the influence or when tired is a sure-fire way to be involved in an accident. Please don’t chance it… stay sober and alert.

Bonus Tip: Be mindful of other vehicle drivers. Many people involved in a car or truck accident with a motorcycle report they never saw the bike until impact!

If you are involved in a motorcycle injury accident, please be sure to go to the doctor immediately. Don’t worry about the bill – your health needs to be your priority! Keep bills and receipts together in a safe location so you will be able to provide them to your attorney, if needed. The experienced staff at The Ye Law Firm can help alleviate your worries. We request and review accident reports, hire expert recinstructionists to piece together the scene of the accident, and fight to recover damages to pay your medical bills now and in the future as well compensate you for lost work.

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