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Which Attorney Is The Best One For Me?

Many factors can go into choosing which lawyer to hire. One may assume that if every lawyer attends law school and is a member of the Washington Bar Association, then all lawyers must be the same, right? Well… no, that’s not really true. While it is true that all lawyers are educated in law school […]

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How Is The Value Of Your Case Computed?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident you are probably wondering how much money your injuries are worth. And like so many other folks, you may even consult Google to find a formula you can use to calculate an estimate of value. You may find a formula but please do not be fooled […]

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What Is Involved In A Typical PI Lawsuit?

If you have never been involved in a personal injury lawsuit but were recently injured in an automobile accident, you may be have a calendar filled with medical appointments and a pile of medical bills but are not able to work. In fact, your entire life may have changed and the thought of  becoming involved […]

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My Head Is Spinning From The Medical Doctors and Medical Tests!

If you were in a life-altering automobile accident, you have probably seen a number of doctors who have ordered a number of tests. Are you confused by all the lingo? Are the medical specializations running into one another and you can’t remember which doctor you are seeing for which issue? Perhaps you are confused by […]

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I Was Rear-Ended. How Do I Know Which Doctor’s Office or Hospital To Go To?

First, we are very sorry you were rear-ended; accidents are very unsettling and can be very scary. You are making a great decision by getting medical help. Medical facilities are as broad in nature as doctors are themselves. Whether you begin with your family practice doctor, an urgent care clinic, your local hospital’s emergency room, […]

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How Much Do I Owe The Lawyer If He Loses My Case?

This is a great question, thank you for asking! The simple answer is: ZERO! When we sign a contract with a new client, we (the law firm) and you (the client) agree to a contingency fee. This fee structure allows our clients to focus on their recovery and helping us with information, when needed while […]

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Common Car Accident Injuries May Not Be A Minor Injury!

Have you been in a car accident and refused medical treatment because you don’t want to be rude, cause a scene, or “it was just a minor accident?” Well even minor accidents can cause major damage so we always recommend anyone who has been in a car accident receive medical treatment. Cuts and broken bones […]

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For Some Situations, Arbitration Is Mandatory.

If you have been informed you need to take your case to arbitration but are not entirely sure what that means? Then you have come to the right spot! In Washington state, arbitration is mandatory when the claim for injury is less than $100,000. Some arbitrations are binding while others are non-binding. Of course, there […]

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I’m Confused By All The Different Insurance Coverages. Help!

Comp and collision – I get it. Liability – I sort of get it. PIP – I have no idea. “Why shouldn’t I just get whatever minimums the state of Washington says I have to have and move on? I don’t want to pay more each month then I have to and those extras increase […]

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I Don’t Understand Why I Must Pay My Insurance Company Back!

Many folks get a bit upset when they are told they need to pay the insurance company back if they are awarded money for medical expenses. We get it…insurance companies are rich and you were the injured one…doesn’t make a lot of sense! But think about this: if you were in an auto accident, went […]

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