I’m Confused By All The Different Insurance Coverages. Help!

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Comp and collision – I get it.

Liability – I sort of get it.

PIP – I have no idea.

“Why shouldn’t I just get whatever minimums the state of Washington says I have to have and move on? I don’t want to pay more each month then I have to and those extras increase my monthly cost!” We understand! But imagine a reckless driver who does not have any insurance causes an accident and your injuries are more then your insurance coverage because you only purchased the minimum. It is vital to carry enough insurance to ensure you and your passengers are taken care of in the event of an accident. Find out the differences of the types of insurance in this pdf excerpt.

You are also welcome to download the entire book, free of charge, by clicking on the image below.

book cover with a car's smashed front end; book title The Washington Auto Accident Guide part 1

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