The ye law firm

Why Do We Exist?

The Ye Law Firm did not start from an idea. It began from a passion within our founder, Chong Ye. Over his life, Chong witnessed his parents and other loved ones taken advantage of and mis-treated from people representing the law industry. Chong went to law school with the goal of becoming an attorney who is able to incorporate his Christian faith and values into his work while helping those who need him the most.

In fact, it is not enough for us if you have a positive experience. We want to help you get the most from your recovery that you can. We want to ensure you are represented by the best, that you experience a team with the most understanding of your injuries, and compassion for the journey you are on.

So why do we exist? We exist because of our Vision.

Our vision

At The Ye Law Firm, We Exist Because Your Catastrophic Injuries Are Personal To Us And We Ensure You Get Justice.

Core Values

The following Four Core Values play a critical role in the firm’s vision so that our clients can REST assured because we deliver:

We respect our clients, each other, our adversaries, and the law without exception.
We are intentional in exercising excellence in all we do.
We are intentional in delivering excellent service to our clients, our profession, and our community.
We are intentionally candid with our clients, with each other, and the community.