Rear-End Collision Resulting in Complex Post-Collision and 5-day Admission to the Hospital Post-Surgery

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Scene Of The Accident: Southbound on the inside land of 84th Avenue, Kent, WA

The at-fault driver was traveling NB in the center lane of 84th Ave. S.

An additional car was also traveling NB on the outside lane of 84th Ave. S.

Suddenly and without warning, the at-fault driver executed an illegal right turn from his lane of travel, striking the driver’s side of the non-fault driver and causing it to spin out of control and collide head-on with our clients’ vehicle.

The collision was violent and severe, the front airbags deployed, and the insurance company declared our client’s car a total loss.

Our clients were transported for medical care via ambulance. Injuries included a manubrium fracture, bowel perforation, left rib fractures, hollow viscus injury, 85 cm Ileal resection, closed fracture sternum, head injury, small intestine injury, and injury to multiple intra-abdominal organs.

Due to the severity injuries, our client had immediate surgery. Her operation involved exploratory laparotomy, ligtion of bleeding right gonadal vessels, resection of 85 cm of ilium with end-to-end sewn 2 layer anastomosis; and right salpingoophorectomy.

She was admitted to the hospital for 5 days then discharged but due to more complications, she was readmitted to the hospital the following day for three more days. Due to the injury, she couldn’t work for 11 weeks. Her medical bills were over $91,900 and lost wages were more than $18,900.

We were able to recover for the client in excess of $135,000 from the at-fault driver who carried a $25,000 policy limit, $100,000. UIM policy limt, and full PIP waiver. Because the client also carried health insurance through her work, majority of the hospital visits were paid by her health insurance once her PIP exhausted, we were able to get her health insurance to waive subrogation.

After medical bills and attorney fees, our client took home more than $80,000.

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