Whether you purchase a product at a retail store, over the Internet, or for delivery straight from the manufacturer, you have a right to expect that product will meet its design specifications, provide its advertised functionality, and be reasonably safe to use as directed. For the most part, product manufacturers have no trouble fulfilling these basic requirements, but those who do not sometimes cause serious injuries to consumers with their defective consumer goods.

If a product you bought recently turned out to be unreasonably unsafe, a conversation with a local personal injury attorney might be in your best interests. A seasoned Bellevue defective products lawyer could go over your situation with you, determine whether you have grounds for litigation, and work on your behalf to seek fair compensation for the harm a dangerous product did to you.

How State Law Governs Product Liability Claims

Product liability law is a unique subset of personal injury law that revolves around “strict liability” rather than negligence, meaning that civil recovery does not hinge on an injured plaintiff’s ability to prove that a defendant manufacturer did something expressly reckless or careless. Instead, plaintiffs only need to prove that a product had a legally actionable defect and that their injuries stemmed directly from that defect, in which case the manufacturer would be strictly liable for ensuing damages.

Revised Code of Washington §7.72.030 establishes that a product manufacturer may bear strict liability for injuries caused by their product’s defective design, an error during manufacturing, their own failure to provide adequate instructions for safe use, or a product not conforming to an express warranty. Additionally, the law allows product sellers to be held liable for defects that occurred after a product left its manufacturer’s control due to the seller’s negligence, breach of warranty, or misrepresentation of facts about the product’s safe use.

Filing a Claim in Court

Per RCW §7.72.060, injured plaintiffs must file suit within three years of sustaining an injury due to a product defect, and they cannot seek compensation for a defect in a product that has exceeded its “useful safe life.” A Bellevue defective products attorney could explain in more detail what these regulations might mean for a particular case.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

A successful defective product claim may allow an injured person to seek compensation for every negative consequence of the injuries they sustained. Many of these damages are economic in nature—for instance, medical expenses for treating injuries a defective product caused, wages missed while taking time off work to recover, and the costs of replacing the defective product in question.

However, recoverable losses can also be subjective and non-economic in nature, especially in cases involving severe injuries with long-term repercussions. Help from an experienced product liability lawyer in Bellevue can be particularly important to demanding fair recovery for these types of damages, which can include physical pain, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

Learn More by Talking to a Bellevue Defective Products Attorney

The outcome of a product liability claim can depend a lot on the quality of legal counsel you retain. The massive companies and corporations that make consumer products often have extensive legal teams on retainer to fight defective product claims on their employer’s behalf, so you need a strong legal professional on your side.

By working with a qualified Bellevue defective products lawyer, you could rest assured that your financial future prospects are in the best hands possible. Call today to get started on your case.