Common Car Accident Injuries May Not Be A Minor Injury!

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Have you been in a car accident and refused medical treatment because you don’t want to be rude, cause a scene, or “it was just a minor accident?” Well even minor accidents can cause major damage so we always recommend anyone who has been in a car accident receive medical treatment. Cuts and broken bones can be easily identified however whiplash and traumatic brain injuries are more complicated. So whether you have soft tissue issues or something more serious, please get medical attention! You may have suffered internal injuries and not know it! We wrote the book on auto accidents in Washington state and dedicated an entire section to accident injuries. To read the excerpt about accident injuries, click here.

You can also download part 2 of The Washington Auto Accident Book, written by our founder and Sr Partner, Chong Ye, by clicking on the image below.

book cover with a city street and car parts; title The Washington Auto Accident Guide part 2

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