The Ye Law Firm Generous Heart Scholarship Announces A Winner!

The Ye Law Firm created The Generous Heart Scholarship in 2021 to recognize young adults who are helping make the world a better place. The scholarship required applicants to write about a time they helped another person,  how that experience impacted their life, and how it changed the way the applicant shows compassion to others.

We had hundreds of submissions detailing incredible stories of selflessness that filled us with inspiration, pride in our young people, and full of hope for our next generation. We send our sincere thanks to each student who took the time to apply. It was a difficult choice to make!

Ultimately, we chose Sydney A. as the winner. Sydney wrote about the first time she met her special needs step-brother, Bilal, the multiple ways she helps him, and the depth of her love for him. We had the opportunity to visit with Sydney via Zoom recently. Sydney is a driven high school Senior relishing every moment of her last year in high school. The college admission offers continue to roll in so she has not decided on the college she will attend next year but we have no doubt Sydney is going to find great success in college due to her high standards and hard work.

The one thing that stood out during in her essay and our chat was the depth of love and adoration she has for Bilal. We were touched by the loving way she described her special relationship with Bilal. While many folks may see caring for a special needs child as a burden, Sydney doesn’t see it that way at all. In fact, Sydney views taking care of Bilal as a privilege and enjoys spending time with him.

Thank you, Sydney, for sharing your story with us and congratulations on winning The Ye Law Firm Generous Heart Scholarship! We are excited to watch your future unfold; we have no doubt you will continue to spread love, compassion and your generous heart with those who cross your path! To read Sydney’s essay and to find out what she had to say about winning, please click here.

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