How Is Liability Determined In Slip And Fall Injuries?

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Certain accidents are beyond our control, such as a slip and fall. Many people are injured every year through slips and falls and to an extent that injuries are extensive, at times even permanent. In such cases, determining ‘who is at fault?’ is often a difficult judgment to make.
Although, in most cases, the owner of the property is liable for such injuries. However, availing claims for injuries caused due to slip and fall accidents is often a complex and stressful process for the victims.

If you or a loved one has been victim to slip and fall injuries, you need to take into account some facts to hold the property owner liable. These are as follows:

The owner or the people should have taken into consideration the potential hazardous place created at the location that could have been prevented. For instance, leaking water from the pipes can cause slips for people walking on the path. If such scenarios would have been recognized by a reasonable person then action can be taken against the owner.

The owner can cause the dangerous condition on purpose. For example, purposely leaving the pot hole open that can cause the walkers to fall or slip.

Case of negligence

The case of negligence will occur if the property owner failed to act reasonable. This can be evaluated by taking the following questions into consideration:

1. Could the hazardous condition be avoided by the property owner? Did he take into account the foreseeable event?

2. Was the property owner careful enough to keep daily, routine checks around? If yes, where is the information recorded? What evidence is available to prove that the property owner was careful?

3. Could the situation be avoided or be less dangerous? Did the owner place any warning signs for people to be aware of?

Besides this, you will also have to prove that you did not cause the accident yourself. This situation could arise when the property owner argues with the victim, trying to prove them as guilty of placing the accident. The questions that may go against you are as follows:

1. Did you have the rightful permission to enter the vicinity of the property owner at the time the accident took place? Were you expected for a visit by the owner/employees?

2. Was there a barrier that did not allow entrance to the location?

3. Were you involved in any such activities that could have caused your slip and fall accident? For example, jumping, playing, running, carelessness, etc.

So, make sure to have prepared answers for such questions when presenting your case in court. If you need expert advice, it would be best to get your case reviewed for free from a Federal Way slip and fall lawyer today. With an experienced attorney’s legal advice, your case will be covered by the best! Contact us today for a free consultation by filling out our online contact form, or by calling us today at (253) 946-0577.

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