Which Attorney Is The Best One For Me?

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Many factors can go into choosing which lawyer to hire. One may assume that if every lawyer attends law school and is a member of the Washington Bar Association, then all lawyers must be the same, right? Well… no, that’s not really true. While it is true that all lawyers are educated in law school and have to be licensed members of the Washington Bar Association, if you don’t have faith in your lawyer’s abilities, you may always question the outcome of your case, even if it was favorable for you.

The location of your attorney’s office, his or her team with whom you interact, your trust in him or her personally should all factor into your decision. Does your lawyer seem to be genuinely interested in your accident, your health, and your recovery or are you just another case waiting to pay out? We want to help you make the best decision possible and make a decision that will gives you confidence now and in the future. We included this important topic in part 2 of our book series about automobile accidents in Washington. You can read an excerpt here or download the entire book free-of-charge by clicking the image below.

book cover with a city street and car parts; title The Washington Auto Accident Guide part 2

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